copy is using a slight­ly mod­i­fied ver­sion of my K2 stylesheet, with­out atttribution.

The post lay­out is the same, and he’s using the same exact side­bar mod­ules, in exact­ly the same arrange­ment. His CSS is full of my cus­tom selectors/classes, and is still hot link­ing to images on my domain.

It’s one thing to take some­one else’s work, pick it apart, and learn from it. It’s quite anoth­er to just take some­one’s work, remove attri­bu­tion, and tweak it just enough so that it has your name on it.

My site is built-off of the K2 frame­work, which is the work of a lot of excel­lent design­ers and devel­op­ers. The dif­fer­ence is that I’m upfront about attri­bu­tion, AND, I’ve tak­en the time and care to fash­ion some­thing new.

So, Tim­o­thy, might I sug­gest read­ing Greg Sto­ry’s post on How to prop­er­ly steal the design of a web­site?

I ran a diff on the two stylesheets, and took some screenshots:

no attributionbreaking IMG references instead of removing?hotlinking to IMG on my domaincopying IMGs over to your own servercustom selectors

5 Responses to “Unoriginal”

  • Well that sucks.
  • Looks like he has pulled the design. Just out of inter­est, what do you get out of K2 that you would­nt get out of a stan­dard Word­Press build?
  • There is some­thing to be said for the whole ‘bor­row­ing’ of style, espe­cial­ly how easy it is these days with pret­ty much trans­par­ent code. I think it real­ly shows the need for some good, well designed tem­plates, or at least some sort of tem­plate cre­at­ing engine. Sure this guy could have tak­en an extra cou­ple of weeks, and learned more about CSS, and writ­ten his own styles… but I would guess that his skills were not that much more advanced than the aver­age per­son who has fig­ured out how to hack their myspace page (i hope…) and that is quite the accom­plish­ment. I would like to think he was rather proud of him­self for doing so.

    I liked how you han­dled it though. You did­nt smear the guy — well done.
  • Neil, it’s kind of like a frame­work for Word­Press… it adds more advanced tem­plat­ing, and some nice ajaxy front-end stuff, like live search, and rolling archives. It works out of the box with many pop­u­lar plu­g­ins, too.
  • Yea, Jere­my. It’s so easy to just take some­one’s name off of some­thing, and call it your own, even if you just tweak a few things. Tim sent me an apol­o­gy mail, and switched his theme — so it’s all cool as far as I’m con­cerned.

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