copy is using a slightly modified version of my K2 stylesheet, without atttribution.

The post layout is the same, and he’s using the same exact sidebar modules, in exactly the same arrangement. His CSS is full of my custom selectors/classes, and is still hot linking to images on my domain.

It’s one thing to take someone else’s work, pick it apart, and learn from it. It’s quite another to just take someone’s work, remove attribution, and tweak it just enough so that it has your name on it.

My site is built-off of the K2 framework, which is the work of a lot of excellent designers and developers. The difference is that I’m upfront about attribution, AND, I’ve taken the time and care to fashion something new.

So, Timothy, might I suggest reading Greg Story’s post on How to properly steal the design of a website?

I ran a diff on the two stylesheets, and took some screenshots:

no attributionbreaking IMG references instead of removing?hotlinking to IMG on my domaincopying IMGs over to your own servercustom selectors

5 Responses to “Unoriginal”

  • Looks like he has pulled the design. Just out of interest, what do you get out of K2 that you wouldnt get out of a standard WordPress build?

  • There is something to be said for the whole ‘borrowing’ of style, especially how easy it is these days with pretty much transparent code. I think it really shows the need for some good, well designed templates, or at least some sort of template creating engine. Sure this guy could have taken an extra couple of weeks, and learned more about CSS, and written his own styles… but I would guess that his skills were not that much more advanced than the average person who has figured out how to hack their myspace page (i hope…) and that is quite the accomplishment. I would like to think he was rather proud of himself for doing so.

    I liked how you handled it though. You didnt smear the guy – well done.

  • Neil, it’s kind of like a framework for WordPress… it adds more advanced templating, and some nice ajaxy front-end stuff, like live search, and rolling archives. It works out of the box with many popular plugins, too.

  • Yea, Jeremy. It’s so easy to just take someone’s name off of something, and call it your own, even if you just tweak a few things. Tim sent me an apology mail, and switched his theme – so it’s all cool as far as I’m concerned.

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