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I’m doing a lit­tle house clean­ing of this site’s RSS feeds. For a while, I was exper­i­ment­ing with splic­ing in and flickr con­tent along side the weblog posts. Kind of like my own tum­blr hyper­blog­ging exper­i­ment, via RSS.

How­ev­er, after think­ing about it, I’ve decid­ed to lim­it the main RSS feed to only weblog entries. It just makes sense, since a lot of my and flickr con­tent is chan­nelled into expand­ed weblog posts any­way. And, Ricky makes a per­sua­sive case against what he calls hyper­blog­ging. So, the default feed is now just what I put through WordPress.

But… I also cre­at­ed an “every­thing” feed, if you’re into that kind of thing. There are also indi­vid­ual options for, flickr, and twit­ter in the side­bar – so, roll how you want to roll.

Now, if I could just fig­ure out how to burn my twit­ter feed into the every­thing feed… can’t seem to find the option in Feed­burn­er.

rss feed

rss ★ every­thing feed

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