Crashing an Open House


A new Robert Scarano “luxury” condo building at 326 State Street, in Boerum Hill.

A week or two ago, I walked past a new Robert Scarano “luxury” condo building at 326 State Street, in the northern reaches of Boerum Hill. This past Saturday, Tyler and Sarah were down from Boston for a visit, and we walked by again – and they were having an Open House. Why not have a look? [from iPhone]

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The building is all new, and the units go from about $650k to $1m. There are some nice touches, like extra storage in the basement, partitioned private roof deck for each unit, and lofted ceilings with floor to ceiling windows. But overall, it gave the impression of wasted space, awkwardness, and cheap construction. Apparently, the architect fudged some building regulations as well. Here are some more photos:

Boerum Hill, across Atlantic

The original photo of the outside. I like the wood panels on the facade, but it is very much out of character for the block.


You have to climb a ladder to get upstairs, where there is laundry and crawl space storage.

deep tub

All the bathrooms in the building look the same, but I do like the deep tub.

Tyler, Sarah, Lisa

Enjoying the Roof Deck – Tyler, Sarah, and Lisa.


View of the Williamsburg Savings Bank, soon to also be luxury condos.

looking up

The back of the building.


One of the basement units has its own yard. How you get a lawn mower back here is beyond my speculation.

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  • two things –

    1- how, exactly, are you supposed to get your clean/dirty laundry up and down a ladder? it’s hard enough carrying a laundry basket up and down STEPS.

    2- deep tubs are nice, except when you are 5’2″ and try to step out of one, and realize that you need a stool just to be able to get out without falling flat on your butt.

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