Thanksgiving 2007

This is why I love thanks­giv­ing – invite some fam­i­ly and friends over, cook a ridicu­lous amount of food, crack open 7–8 bot­tles of wine, and go to town. Lisa has the right idea here:

For our first Brook­lyn Thanks­giv­ing, we invit­ed Lisa’s sis­ter Kel­ly, Rohit, Shane, and Megan, and it was amaz­ing­ly fun. I am thank­ful that every­one could join us in our new home. I’m also thank­ful that Lisa is such a good cook, because it was so tasty.

More pho­tos below the fold. [from iPhone]

Pies. Ladies. Pies.
Kel­ly and Lisa bak­ing pies the night before.

Hard at work!

Golden brown

Get­ting the stuff­ing out.

Me carve
Expert­ly carved, by myself.

My plate
I had two of these.

Kel­ly and Lisa.

Megan, Lisa
Megan and Lisa.

Time for dessert.

Also, Lisa has a few pho­tos on her Flickr pho­to­stream.

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