Playing Around with the Google Chart API

I’ve been play­ing around with the new Google Chart API, released ear­li­er today. The API enables easy cre­ation of charts, dynamically:

The Google Chart API returns a PNG-for­mat image in response to a URL. Sev­er­al types of image can be gen­er­at­ed: line, bar, and pie charts for exam­ple. For each image type you can spec­i­fy attrib­ut­es such as size, col­ors, and labels.

My exam­ple is shown below. I can think of a lot more con­ve­nient meth­ods of cre­at­ing graphs, espe­cial­ly when chartable data is usu­al­ly already in Excel or Num­bers spread­sheets. Still, pret­ty fun to play around with – check out what Bri­an Suda makes of it, on 24ways.


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