Two essential iPhoto Plugins

There are two iPho­to plu­g­ins that I couldn’t live with­out – Flick­r­Ex­port, and Key­word Man­ag­er.


If you like pho­tos, Flickr, and OS X, and don’t know about Flick­r­Ex­port, then shame on you. It’s a nice lit­tle plu­g­in that will let you eas­i­ly export pho­tos from iPho­to to Flickr. It con­verts your assigned iPho­to key­words to Flickr tags, enables you to add titles and descrip­tions, and choose to either add the pho­tos to a new set, an exist­ing set, or none at all – all with­in the dia­log window.

The one rub is that it is made by an inde­pen­dent devel­op­er, Fras­er Speirs, who has to feed his fam­i­ly – so, he charges about $25. A nom­i­nal price for some­thing that has saved me hun­dreds of hours, and enriched my Flickr experience.

Still, if $25 is still too steep, Fras­er is offer­ing a pro­mo­tion with John Gruber’s Dar­ing Fire­ball, offer­ing a 50% discount:

For the week of Decem­ber 10th-17th, Con­nect­ed Flow is offer­ing Dar­ing Fire­ball read­ers a 50% dis­count on any pur­chase with the coupon code “DARINGFIREBALL”.

Trust me, this is worth $12.

Keyword Manager

Key­word man­age­ment in iPho­to is clunky, (even in iPho­to 8). What it lacks is a Quick­sil­ver-like inter­face.

Enter Bullstorm’s Key­word Man­ag­er plu­g­in – with a quick key­board short­cut, you can quick­ly enter key­words for select­ed pho­tos. It auto-com­pletes as you type, allows for nest­ed key­words, and fits seam­less­ly into the iPho­to experience.

Using Them Together

By using these two plu­g­ins togeth­er, I’m able to post my pho­tos to Flickr ful­ly ready for pub­lic view­ing – titles, descrip­tions, tags, sets, all ready to go. It’s a much quick­er workflow:

  1. Import from camera
  2. Add key­words with Key­word Manager
  3. Trig­ger Flick­r­Ex­port and add titles, descrip­tions, etc.
  4. Hit upload and walk away


P.S.: Of course, since I bought my iPhone, this process has bro­ken down some­what, as I’m now post­ing the major­i­ty of my snaps on-the-fly. Fre­quent­ly, I go back and add tags and descrip­tions lat­er on the Flickr site – which is hor­ri­bly inef­fi­cient by com­par­i­son, (despite some nice bulk edit­ing options offered by Flickr).

It makes me appre­ci­ate the iPhoto/FlickrExport/Keyword Man­ag­er approach… a far more pow­er­ful and sim­ple solu­tion for pho­to management.

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