Two essential iPhoto Plugins

There are two iPhoto plugins that I couldn’t live without – FlickrExport, and Keyword Manager.


If you like photos, Flickr, and OS X, and don’t know about FlickrExport, then shame on you. It’s a nice little plugin that will let you easily export photos from iPhoto to Flickr. It converts your assigned iPhoto keywords to Flickr tags, enables you to add titles and descriptions, and choose to either add the photos to a new set, an existing set, or none at all – all within the dialog window.

The one rub is that it is made by an independent developer, Fraser Speirs, who has to feed his family – so, he charges about $25. A nominal price for something that has saved me hundreds of hours, and enriched my Flickr experience.

Still, if $25 is still too steep, Fraser is offering a promotion with John Gruber’s Daring Fireball, offering a 50% discount:

For the week of December 10th-17th, Connected Flow is offering Daring Fireball readers a 50% discount on any purchase with the coupon code “DARINGFIREBALL”.

Trust me, this is worth $12.

Keyword Manager

Keyword management in iPhoto is clunky, (even in iPhoto 8). What it lacks is a Quicksilver-like interface.

Enter Bullstorm’s Keyword Manager plugin – with a quick keyboard shortcut, you can quickly enter keywords for selected photos. It auto-completes as you type, allows for nested keywords, and fits seamlessly into the iPhoto experience.

Using Them Together

By using these two plugins together, I’m able to post my photos to Flickr fully ready for public viewing – titles, descriptions, tags, sets, all ready to go. It’s a much quicker workflow:

  1. Import from camera
  2. Add keywords with Keyword Manager
  3. Trigger FlickrExport and add titles, descriptions, etc.
  4. Hit upload and walk away


P.S.: Of course, since I bought my iPhone, this process has broken down somewhat, as I’m now posting the majority of my snaps on-the-fly. Frequently, I go back and add tags and descriptions later on the Flickr site – which is horribly inefficient by comparison, (despite some nice bulk editing options offered by Flickr).

It makes me appreciate the iPhoto/FlickrExport/Keyword Manager approach… a far more powerful and simple solution for photo management.

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