On Turning 30

Happy Birthday, John! from Pirata718 on Vimeo.

December 22 came and went, and now I’m 30 years old. I can’t even comprehend that statistic. Growing up, I figured that I would have accomplished so much by that age – it seemed so far away. Today, 40 seems ridiculously far away. There is probably some kind of lesson in that.

Looking back at 2007, the last year of my twenties, it was a pretty exciting time. I was promoted to a management position at my previous job, which was immensely challenging – as much as you think you’re ready for it, suddenly finding yourself responsible for 7 other people is a big deal. Despite working 70–80 hours a week in near crisis mode for 6 months, I never stopped loving going to work in the morning.

So, it was a bittersweet decision to leave Lionbridge in July, and to move from Boston to New York City, without a job lined up. It was a move that Lisa and I always planned to do, but had pushed it off onto the back burner. I had some money saved up, and Lisa quickly found a job, so we decided to do it. If not before I’m 30, then when? I was looking to get back to design, and New York seemed the best place to do that. (It took a while, but in early December, I was fortunate to land a contract job at nytimes.com, as a designer.)

And through all of this, Lisa, Katya, and Mouse have been there, as my family – which I am most thankful for. Lisa threw me a huge birthday party earlier this month, with catered food from Schnäck, friends from out-of-town, and a little Buck Hunter. It was awesome, just perfect.

A few party pics are on Flickr, and some photos below, and the video above is in response to the infamous 2 girls, 1 cup video (NSFW!), which is the most horrible thing that I have ever seen.

With Matt.

Amy, Lisa, Liz

that's it
Birthday shot.

Its Beautiful!
Its Beautiful!, originally uploaded by presley.

Session #1
Session #1, originally uploaded by Johnny Rosco.

Gabe took 16 photos of us all sticking our eyes in this rusty bolt… hilarious, except that Jenna (pictured above) got an infected eyeball:


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