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I didn’t make any excit­ing res­o­lu­tions this New Year, except to get back to my fight­ing weight, and land a more per­ma­nent design job. Look­ing back on 2007, one thing that stands out is that my Flickr pho­to­stream finally became a more real-time photo reflec­tion of my life, with the con­ve­nience of my iPhone and its unlim­ited data plan. Sure, the qual­ity of my pho­tog­ra­phy might have dete­ri­o­rated, but I’ve always pre­ferred to shoot from the hip any­way. The iPhone suits what I want to do with Flickr.

But for 2008, I’d like to make one small res­o­lu­tion: do more with video. I bought a new point-and-shoot cam­era that does OK VGA video, (Canon Dig­i­tal Elph SD750), so I want to put it to use. It’s out­put is a lit­tle grainy, espe­cially in low light, but I think it suits what I want to do with it.

Here is a lit­tle idea that I got while walk­ing around the Meat­pack­ing dis­trict this past week­end: the The­ory store on Gan­sevoort street has these amaz­ing pul­sat­ing col­ored lights in the win­dow – so I shot them, and then looped them in iMovie, set to The Knife’s live arrange­ment of “Heartbeats”:

I both love and am frus­trated by the new iMovie… while it’s true that it enables you to throw some­thing cool together in mere min­utes, I find myself crav­ing more advanced fea­tures. It takes some get­ting used to, but once you dive in and accept it for what it is, I’m con­vinced that I’ll never open Final Cut, Pre­miere, or Vegas again.

You did see my New Year’s Eve party video, didn’t you?

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