Volvo, somewhere in Williamsburg between Berry and Wythe.

Lisa and I spent a good chunk of the weekend furniture shopping, and spring cleaning. On Saturday, we ventured deep into Connecticut to go to an estate sale, in pursuit of what turned out to be an American-made Danish “style” dining set, which was just too big and ugly to buy. From there, we drove over to Beacon, NY, which has a couple of nice stores with mid-century furniture, (Anna found some amazing stuff there). We had some coffee (photo below the fold), but left empty-handed.

November 29, 1969

Old copies of the Times, from the 60’s.

View Nam

Interesting magazine cover from the Times, in the 60’s.

Muddy Cup

A cute little coffee shop in Beacon, NY

Next, we headed on to another estate sale in Long Island, only to find a very nice empty house that had been picked over all day. Exhausted, we decided to take one last stab in Williamsburg, poking into Cosmo’s, the only place I know of that can price a nightstand with a deep gash on top for $1000. No thanks.

This Volvo was parked nearby, a fine example of Scandinavian design. …and something tells me the owner acquired it for less than that nightstand – and it’s in far better shape!

On Sunday, we got a hot Craigslist tip for a Danish-made mid-century extendable dining set, that was reasonably priced and in perfect condition. After a quick jaunt to Hoboken, we had ourselves a new dining table and chairs.



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