Volvo, somewhere in Williamsburg between Berry and Wythe.

Lisa and I spent a good chunk of the week­end fur­ni­ture shop­ping, and spring clean­ing. On Sat­ur­day, we ven­tured deep into Con­necti­cut to go to an estate sale, in pur­suit of what turned out to be an Amer­i­can-made Dan­ish “style” din­ing set, which was just too big and ugly to buy. From there, we drove over to Bea­con, NY, which has a cou­ple of nice stores with mid-cen­tu­ry fur­ni­ture, (Anna found some amaz­ing stuff there). We had some cof­fee (pho­to below the fold), but left empty-handed.

November 29, 1969

Old copies of the Times, from the 60’s.

View Nam

Interesting magazine cover from the Times, in the 60’s.

Muddy Cup

A cute little coffee shop in Beacon, NY

Next, we head­ed on to anoth­er estate sale in Long Island, only to find a very nice emp­ty house that had been picked over all day. Exhaust­ed, we decid­ed to take one last stab in Williams­burg, pok­ing into Cosmo’s, the only place I know of that can price a night­stand with a deep gash on top for $1000. No thanks.

This Vol­vo was parked near­by, a fine exam­ple of Scan­di­na­vian design. …and some­thing tells me the own­er acquired it for less than that night­stand – and it’s in far bet­ter shape!

On Sun­day, we got a hot Craigslist tip for a Dan­ish-made mid-cen­tu­ry extend­able din­ing set, that was rea­son­ably priced and in per­fect con­di­tion. After a quick jaunt to Hobo­ken, we had our­selves a new din­ing table and chairs.



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