Battlestar Galactica, Season 4


A lot of geeks are going to be parked in front of the TV tonight, (even more than usu­al on a Fri­day night), for the sea­son pre­miere of Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca. Go ahead and laugh, but over the course of its 3‑plus sea­sons, BSG has become one of the more cul­tur­al­ly impor­tant shows on TV:

Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca is one of the more beguil­ing series on tele­vi­sion, an action-adven­ture dra­ma that trav­els through time and space to explore moral­i­ty, pol­i­tics and metaphysics.

Most peo­ple, (my girl­friend includ­ed), would look at BSG, and see noth­ing more than human beings vs. robots in space. But, the cre­ators and writ­ers of BSG employ this alter­nate uni­verse in order to com­ment on the impor­tant issues of our time. For instance:

Last sea­son served up an extend­ed exam­i­na­tion of war, insur­rec­tion, tor­ture and sui­cide bomb­ing. Many inter­pre­ta­tions saw the humans’ insur­rec­tion against the Cylon occu­pa­tion of their set­tle­ment as an alle­go­ry for Iraq and even the Pales­tine-Israel con­flict, but the sig­nals are scram­bled. The jihadist Cylons could be seen as stands-ins for Mus­lim fun­da­men­tal­ists, but it is the humans who strap explo­sives onto their chests and blow up collaborators.

Sure, the show is enter­tain­ing – there is a lot of sex and vio­lence – but this kind of moral ambi­gu­i­ty is what makes it so fas­ci­nat­ing for me.


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