Pukka: Simple. Delicious.

Despite recent crit­i­cism, I use and love del.icio.us almost every day. Fre­quent­ly, I’ll quick­ly book­mark a page that I want write a longer post about lat­er, when I have the time. (A lit­tle short­cut tool helps to stream­line this.)

Pukka: Simple. Delicious.Del.icio.us pro­vides a few ways to expe­dite the book­mark­ing process – there are exten­sions, but­tons, and book­marklets – but, I pre­fer Justin Miller’s Puk­ka, a native OS X app that great­ly speeds up the post­ing of bookmarks. 

With Puk­ka, you don’t have to wait for any­thing to load – just high­light some text on a page, and click its book­marklet. Up pops the appli­ca­tion with the URL and high­light­ed text already insert­ed. Type a few tags (auto-com­pletes from exist­ing tags), hit return, and you’re done. Puk­ka recedes to the back­ground to do its thing, and you’re back in your brows­er, and on your way.


Some oth­er nice features:

  • OS X‑friendly Key­board shortcuts
  • Growl support
  • Sup­port for mul­ti­ple del.icio.us accounts, as well as ma.gnolia.com
  • Apple­script-aware

Puk­ka requires Mac OS X 10.4+, and costs $14.95 – worth every pen­ny.

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