Adding Flickr to WordPress 2.5’s Media Bar

I’m a big fan of the new Word­Press admin inter­face, espe­cial­ly the new media but­tons that lets you quick­ly add pho­tos, videos, and audio to your posts.

wp-media-flickr 1But what if you use Flickr for your pho­tos? Well, there is a great plu­g­in called Word­Press Media Flickr, writ­ten by yu-ji. It adds a lit­tle Flickr media but­ton, and makes adding a pho­to from your Flickr pho­to­stream a piece of cake.

His site is in Japan­ese, but he has a great screen­cast show­ing the plu­g­in at work.

After installing the plu­g­in and enter­ing your Flickr account details, click the new media but­ton, and you’re pre­sent­ed with a very stream­lined interface:

wp-media-flickr 2

Select the image you want, and you’re pro­vid­ed with some siz­ing and align­ment options:

wp-media-flickr 3

Click Insert, and the markup is dumped into your post, and you can con­tin­ue writing.

One pet-peeve of mine is that the markup isn’t cus­tomiz­able – for instance, it wraps the pho­to in <p></p> tags, and adds an inline float style if you choose to align left, etc. But that aside, this is a great plugin.

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