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405 Sunset

While we were in Boston this past weekend, we stopped by our friend Lindsey Warren’s studio at BU, where she is just completing her MFA in painting. She just sold a bunch of work at the graduate student show a few weeks back, and still has some amazing stuff left. We also got to see some works in progress – including some interesting printmaking.

But, the best thing about the visit was that we purchased an amazing painting, 405 Sunset:

405 Sunset

This painting was featured in the Boston Globe Magazine last summer:

Lindsey Warren uses lurid colors and a surprising range of textures to evoke a world shimmering on the edge of dissolution, from the woodsy, dappled ‘Power Outage’ to the crisp, sun-stroked ‘405 Sunset.’

So we’re excited to get this piece to Brooklyn, but that will take some time since it measures 4′x 5′– we’ll have to get it crated and shipped.

Take a look at her work, and contact her if you’re interested in stopping by her studio – she’ll be there until mid-June.

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Farewell Sean & Louise


Cupcakes! – Photo by Villafranca.

This week, the Design group says farewell to two really talented colleagues – Sean Villafranca and Louise Ma. Sean is leaving to become Design Director at, and Louise is going to freelance, full-time.

I’m still new around these parts, but Sean and Louise made me feel at home. We’re going to miss you guys! (But, we are hiring…)

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