Alain Robert, climbing the New York Times Building

Nev­er a dull moment here at the Times… Today, we wit­nessed Alain Robert climb the New York Times Build­ing on 8th Avenue fac­ing 41st street. I took this with my iPhone on the 21st floor: 

Alain Robert

He scaled up the ceram­ic rods that are affixed to the out­side of the build­ing, attract­ing hun­dreds of onlook­ers inside the build­ing, as well as down the street.

City Room has more about Alain and this stunt, includ­ing the news that he was arrest­ed by NYPD after reach­ing the roof – 52 floors up from the street.

Alain Robert 4

Alain Robert 2

Alain Robert 3

Alain Robert 5

Alain Robert 6

Alain Robert 7

And, here is a video from Youtube:

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