Love is All @ Market Hotel


Josephine Olausson, singer and keyboardist for the Swedish Indie band Love Is All, performing in Bushwick last Saturday.

Despite the heavy rains, thun­der and light­en­ing last sat­ur­day night, I ven­tured out to Bush­wick on the J train to catch one of my favorite bands, Love Is All. They’ve acquired some­thing of a good live rep­u­ta­tion over the past cou­ple of years, and though it was a short set, they didn’t disappoint.

One glance at these pho­tos and video, and it should be clear that this was a very hot and sweaty show. And giv­en that I found myself in the “pit” for the first time since my grunge days in high school, I’m pret­ty sure that I left the Mar­ket Hotel that night with a lot of oth­er peo­ples’ sweat on me. 

But, this was a real­ly as spe­cial show because of the venue. Mar­ket Hotel is an impro­vised venue on the sec­ond floor of a for­mer com­mer­cial space, just steps from the Myr­tle Ave JMZ sta­tion. There are cheap drinks, great DJs, and a lot of peo­ple watch­ing to do.

Love Is All, “Felt Tip”

LIA isn’t going to be for every indie music fan, but they com­bine post-punk per­cus­sion and sax­o­phone with singer Josephine Olausson’s echo-drenched vocals in a way that makes this thir­ty-year old want to dance with the kids down in front. And I like their DIY eth­ic when it comes to record­ing music, blog­ging, and cre­at­ing mer­chan­dise. They even cre­at­ed a 5‑song CDR with cov­er songs of Prince and Flock of Seag­ulls songs.

Love Is All

Hottest. Night. Ever.

Great show, sim­ple as that. LIA has a new album sched­uled to come out some­time in the next few months, but in the mean­time check out this live acoustic per­for­mance of one of their new songs:

Some oth­er roundups of the show, from around the internets:

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