A 3rd Climber


Workmen remove a flyer left behind by David Malone, who climbed the New York Times Building several hours before.

For the third time in five weeks, some­one has scaled the out­side of The New York Times Head­quar­ters. This time, how­ev­er, it was over and done before most of us got out of bed:

Unlike the two pre­vi­ous climbers, this one — iden­ti­fied lat­er as David Mal­one, a 29-year-old activist from West Hart­ford, Conn., who stud­ies Al Qae­da — did not attempt to make his way to the roof. Instead, he unfurled a ban­ner around the fifth floor of the 52-sto­ry build­ing, before climb­ing a few more stories.

Appar­ent­ly, Mal­one just hung out for a few hours, placed a call to the Dai­ly News, and wait­ed while police decid­ed how to proceed:

Police offi­cers on the fifth floor had breached a floor-to-ceil­ing win­dow and some were out­fit­ted with climb­ing cables and hard hats. A large inflat­able cush­ion had been placed on the side­walk in front of the main entrance, pre­sum­ably to save the man if he jumped.

He also affixed sev­er­al fly­ers to the façade, which depict Osama Bin Laden play­ing Gepet­to to Bush’s Pinoc­chio, and adver­tis­ing his web site.

CNN has a video of the climber, as well as the afore men­tioned “large inflat­able cush­ion”. After four hours, Mal­one sur­ren­dered to police, and was arrest­ed just after 5 a.m. this morning.

3rd climber’s message

A flyer left by the climber, on the 7th floor.

5th floor “hole”

City Room reports that police breached a 5th floor window, and put on climbing gear.


Workmen remove a flyer left behind by the climber.

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