What Could Possibly Make Someone Want to Leave New York and Move to Buffalo?

Buffalo #1

Lisa’s tattoo confirms that Buffalo is indeed #1.

New York magazine has an interesting feature on New Yorkers moving to Buffalo, NY, the very city that Lisa and I were raised in and subsequently couldn’t wait to leave from after high school.

Some people will read this as a story of defeat. They will look at Herbeck and Cloyd and think, They came; they couldn’t cut it; good riddance. That’s also a familiar New York narrative, one that’s especially comforting to those of us who stay and stick it out. Because, sure, stained glass and spare bedrooms are nice and all, but no one moves to New York because they think they’re going to get a great bargain on an apartment. You move here because you want to live in New York City.

The writer then goes on to say that this is not a story of defeat, but rather an opportunity:

But New York, for all its mythology, is no longer a frontier. Buffalo is a frontier. And when you think of the actual frontier, you’ll recall that no one ever packed up and moved West to a gold-rush town because they heard it had really good local theater.

Um, okay… Truth is, I know more former 716 area coders that are now in 212 or 718. But, it’s a provoking premise for a city famous for little more than snow and four consecutive failed Superbowl bids.

4 Responses to “What Could Possibly Make Someone Want to Leave New York and Move to Buffalo?”

  • Umm… i read that article and forwarded it on to my family. Now my sister, married, pregnant, and living in LA, is talking about moving back to bflo!

    O, and badass tat presley.

  • Hey Joel! Yea, godspeed to her, I’m staying put.

  • all i can say is i’m still talkin’ proud.

  • this is the thing that truly annoyed me about that article – why does someplace have to be the “next hip brooklyn” to be worthy of attention? the point is, there are many amazing things about buffalo, but it is not because it is the next hipster hangout. and did they mention the soul crushing winters? i heart buffalo, and always will, but not for any of the reasons in that article. god forbid it became the next williamsburg.

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