What Could Possibly Make Someone Want to Leave New York and Move to Buffalo?

Buffalo #1
Lisa’s tattoo confirms that Buffalo is indeed #1.

New York mag­a­zine has an inter­est­ing fea­ture on New York­ers mov­ing to Buf­fa­lo, NY, the very city that Lisa and I were raised in and sub­se­quent­ly couldn’t wait to leave from after high school.

Some peo­ple will read this as a sto­ry of defeat. They will look at Her­beck and Cloyd and think, They came; they couldn’t cut it; good rid­dance. That’s also a famil­iar New York nar­ra­tive, one that’s espe­cial­ly com­fort­ing to those of us who stay and stick it out. Because, sure, stained glass and spare bed­rooms are nice and all, but no one moves to New York because they think they’re going to get a great bar­gain on an apart­ment. You move here because you want to live in New York City.

The writer then goes on to say that this is not a sto­ry of defeat, but rather an opportunity:

But New York, for all its mythol­o­gy, is no longer a fron­tier. Buf­fa­lo is a fron­tier. And when you think of the actu­al fron­tier, you’ll recall that no one ever packed up and moved West to a gold-rush town because they heard it had real­ly good local theater.

Um, okay… Truth is, I know more for­mer 716 area coders that are now in 212 or 718. But, it’s a pro­vok­ing premise for a city famous for lit­tle more than snow and four con­sec­u­tive failed Super­bowl bids.

4 Responses to “What Could Possibly Make Someone Want to Leave New York and Move to Buffalo?”

  • Umm… i read that arti­cle and for­ward­ed it on to my fam­i­ly. Now my sis­ter, mar­ried, preg­nant, and liv­ing in LA, is talk­ing about mov­ing back to bflo! 

    O, and badass tat pres­ley.
  • Hey Joel! Yea, god­speed to her, I’m stay­ing put.
  • all i can say is i’m still talkin’ proud.
  • this is the thing that tru­ly annoyed me about that arti­cle — why does some­place have to be the “next hip brook­lyn” to be wor­thy of atten­tion? the point is, there are many amaz­ing things about buf­fa­lo, but it is not because it is the next hip­ster hang­out. and did they men­tion the soul crush­ing win­ters? i heart buf­fa­lo, and always will, but not for any of the rea­sons in that arti­cle. god for­bid it became the next williams­burg.

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