Economix & Green Inc. Blog Headers

The Times is in the process of beefing up its business coverage online, adding new verticals on the economy and green energy. As part of that roll out, we launched two blogs last week, and I was tasked with the header designs and illustration assignments.

I really enjoy the little bits of art direction that I get to do at the Times. It’s fun to search for the illustrators, work with them on concepts and sketches, and in the end they do all of the work.


Economix Blog header

Illustration by Headcase Design

Economix is written by David Leonhardt and Catherine Rampell, and will focus on both the global economy and the personal decisions readers make everyday.

The illustration was done by Paul Kepple’s team at Headcase Design, with art direction and design by myself.

Editorial wanted to avoid anything that smacked too much of an Econ 101 lecture, so we went with this juggling concept. It reflects the accessible tone of the writing, while keying in the decision making angle.

I did an illustration that was a little drier (below), that made use of one of the most basic concepts of economics – the demand curve. It was rejected by Editorial, but I thought that it was worth taking a crack at.

Green Inc.

Green Inc. Blog header

Illustration by Peter Hoey

Green Inc. is edited by Tom Zeller Jr., and will focus on how businesses and consumers are responding to climate change and the scarcity of fossil fuels.

The illustration was done by Peter Hoey, with art direction and design by myself.

In this one, we took that familiar comic book symbol of sudden inspiration – light bulb inside of a thought bubble – and gave it a “green” twist.

I’m really happy with the jobs that both Paul and Peter did on this, and I’m looking forward to working with both in the future. Here are some more screenshots:

Economix Blog

Economix blog at

Rejected Economix blog header

Illustration by me that was rejected.

Green Inc. Blog

Green Inc. blog at

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