Fever° From Shaun Inman

Shaun Inman launched Fever today, a re-imagined feed reader. The big difference between Fever and other products like Google Reader, is that it is designed to help float important or trending links and discussions to the top. So rather than reading through hundreds of posts to find what’s hot, Fever analyzes all of your feeds, and looks for re-linking and repeat references.

I haven’t yet sprung for a license, (mostly because there isn’t any offline caching so that I can read on the subway). But, there is a lovely looking iPhone-optimized site, and it looks as thoughtfully and lovingly designed as his web analytics product, Mint.

Be sure to watch the video demo, and note that Fever is not a hosted service—you have to install it on your own server.

2 Responses to “Fever° From Shaun Inman”

  • Biggest problem is that you need to have domain name for Fever to run on – it’s not enough to run it on a computer and access via its IP address. As far as I can tell this is an anti-piracy tactic. Surely there must be better alternatives than this. Further to this – two emails to the author have gone unread in over 2 week. I’ll certainly be keeping my $30 and not dealing with this developer. Ever.

  • He’s a good dude, sorry it’s not for you. Not for me, either, but Mint is great.

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