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No Want!

No Want!

Katya gets involved in the party planning. (Photo by Lisa)

More Pho­tos from our V.P. Debate Party »

A New

Today, I’m launch­ing ver­sion 6 of, a typo­graph­i­cal grid-based lay­out, with heavy use of Hel­veti­ca Neue. This site has always used a sim­i­lar shade of green, so I want­ed to main­tain that bit of con­sis­ten­cy with the past, while intro­duc­ing some­thing very dif­fer­ent. I also want­ed to bring togeth­er my con­tent from twit­ter, flickr,, and, while keep­ing it dis­tinct from the weblog con­tent — yea, I’ve gone back on my post is a post comments.

The last major revi­sion of this site was launched on May 1 2005, but even that was some­what of a realign­ment of the pre­vi­ous design, which dat­ed back to 2001. I’m a big pro­po­nent of Cameron Mol­l’s realign not redesign rule — so I spent the past few years tin­ker­ing away, refin­ing the same basic layout.

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To think that I feel guilty when our lit­tle ones’ dish­es are emp­ty, and they meow at me:

The sin­gle most effed up thing I’ve seen today.

Puppy vs. Kitty

We had our mov­ing sale this week­end, on our front stoop – and we even put Katya (our five-year old kit­ty) in her har­ness and leash, to walk around the yard.

So, today is cat day! May I present, “Pup­py vs. Kitty”:


Martini anyone?

Hap­py New Year, every­body! I’m back at work today, after a (I think) deserved rest. New Year’s Eve was a bit more restrained than years past, but it was a nice cap to a great year.

My only real res­o­lu­tion is for us to final­ly cut the cord on Boston, and move to NYC. Pres­ley fin­ish­es Grad school in Sep­tem­ber, and I need to think more seri­ous­ly about my career, grad school, and the future in general.

A lot of things could hap­pen, but that remains my #1 goal for 2006. What’s yours?


Tattoo”, posted by nedward

Pres­ley’s new tat­too, done by Cus­tom Claire, of Fat Ram’s Pump­kin Tat­too, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts.

Say ‘no’ to MAX cat

max cat makes you vomitFYI: Our cat Katya start­ed barf­ing after we switched canned cat food to MAX Cat Lite Chick­en & Lamb, and now both cats won’t touch the stuff.

They weren’t raised dumb, you know…

X‑mas in Buffalo

Ornament on the familial X-mas tree

Ornament on the familial X‑mas tree

Macy and Jeremy at Spot Coffee, Elmwood Ave.

Macy and Jeremy at Spot Coffee, Elmwood Ave

Exhibit at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Exhibit at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

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Disciplining Cats

Our kit­ten Katya is start­ing to piss me off. She is such a good kit­ty, usu­al­ly, how­ev­er I am amiss at how to dis­ci­pline her for bad behav­ior. Spilling glass­es of water and knock­ing clut­ter off of a dress­er while Pres­ley and I are asleep is some­thing I must make her fear.

Right now, we usu­al­ly remove her from the offend­ing envi­ron­ment, shout a stern “NO!”, and let her run off. Late­ly, this isn’t suf­fi­cient, so I’ve been giv­ing her a lit­tle swat on her ass, but she thinks that I’m play­ing a game. It’s all about atten­tion… she wants it, and knows how to get it.

So, today, I’m try­ing a dif­fer­ent tactic—I’m giv­ing her forced baths when she gives me atti­tude. It focus­es her atten­tion for a while on clean­ing up and dry­ing off.

How do you dis­ci­pline kit­ty? Let me know below.

Snoozing Kitty

Well, I’m hav­ing trou­ble com­ing up with any­thing to post on this, the final Fri­day of Jan­u­ary. I so wish to thank God that the ther­mome­ter is up above freez­ing again. And, for this kit­ten named Katya. She makes all of this job­less stuff bearable.

Crystal Litter Pearl

On advice from Meg­nut, I bought our kit­ten Katya Crys­tal Lit­ter Pearl cat lit­ter. It’s so wierd, con­sid­er­ing I’ve nev­er used any­thing else but dusty, odor-eater smelling lit­ter in 12+ years of cat own­er­ship. I fig­ured the soon­er we switch the 8‑month old Katya, the bet­ter. So, as soon as I poured the lit­tle white crys­tals into the pan, she was bat­ting them onto the hard­wood floors, and hav­ing a good time. I hope she doesn’t think this is a game, and not a place to pee.

UPDATE: When I got up this morn­ing, I saw that she had done #2. They’re unburied poops, they look pret­ty dried up and scoopable. I think I’ll go scoop them out.

Katya plays fetch

Our cat Katya is learn­ing to play fetch like a prop­er dog… She has this ten­nis wrist­band of mine that we call her “binky”, and she loves run­ning around with it in her mouth.

Recent­ly we’ve been work­ing on “catch”—throwing this thing up in the air, and get­ting her to time it in order to catch it. She’s good.

So, today, I decid­ed to start throw­ing the thing across the room, and BEHOLD! she brings it back, and sets it down in front of me.

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Updates 10/17/2002

I refreshed this rel­a­tive­ly new site, because I haven’t liked it much… seemed a lit­tle dorky… Not that I’m not a dork, cos I am, but I mean the kind of dorky you don’t want to even look at.

So, gone are the long hor­i­zon­tal images of free­ways and pedes­tri­an crowds—and wel­come back yours tru­ly. I’ll be adding some more pics for your ran­dom­iz­ing pleasure.

I also added lit­tle icons for each of the top­ic head­ings, (fea­tures, movies, etc.) Not sure if I like them.

Final­ly, a new Iden­ti­ty! Those are sup­posed to be fish. Read into them as you will. Katya likes to eat fish… maybe that has some­thing to do with it.