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Happy Christmas!


Saturday Scoot


We unchained the scoot­ers this after­noon, and mean­dered around Brook­lyn in the sun. Not too many days like this left. [from iPhone]

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New Brain Bucket

shoei rf1000 matte-black I decid­ed to splurge a lit­tle on myself this week­end, and buy a new hel­met for scootin’ — a Shoei RF-1000 in mat­te-black.

My orig­i­nal hel­met was a Kore­an HJC CL Max, with a flip-up chin bar — but it nev­er quite fit me right, and it looked mild­ly retard­ed, all shiny and bubbly.

Shoei’s designs are much more stream­lined and fit­ted. I love the mat­te black — first my RAZR, next this hel­met… the only thing left for me to buy is a Darth Book.

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Rhode Island of Misfit Toys Rally

Boobies IIThis past week­end was the Rhode Island camp­ing ral­ly… we rent­ed a truck to trans­port the bikes, drank san­gria made from 4.5 bot­tles of wine & 1 bot­tle of brandy, and had a good time scoot­ing around, (before the drink­ing began). I even got to DJ sat­ur­day night, with an impro­vised iPod/radio setup.

Even the 90+ degree heat could­n’t keep us down — but I total­ly under­stand now the impor­tance of shade, when you’re try­ing to snooze inside a tent.

Scooting in the Times


Mexican Matt looking happy as the ladies pile on.

Pres­ley sent me an arti­cle in the Sun­day New York Times about scoot­ing: Cheap, Chic and Socia­ble: The Buzz About Scoot­ers. I give the jour­nal­ist a lot of cred for accu­rate­ly cap­tur­ing the com­mu­ni­ty, (at least in nyc). I espe­cial­ly found this pas­sage funny:

Scoot­er own­ers will tell you that dri­vers on four wheels are clum­sy and often dis­re­spect­ful. “They park by feel in New York City,” said Peter Lut­jen, a book cov­er design­er. “They back up until they bump into some­thing, and if they bump into a scoot­er, it’s going down. So your option is, get knocked down on a reg­u­lar basis, or park on the side­walk and risk being ticketed.”

no kid­ding…

We’re plan­ning on head­ing down for the Rhode Island Ral­ly this week­end, (though I need to change my front brake cable, and find a truck to bor­row). Last year was a lot of fun — pho­tos here.

Scooters: 101

Jason wrote up a nice post on scoot­ers, in case you’re inter­est­ed in under­stand­ing a bit about these machines.

The weath­er is sup­posed to be unsea­son­ably warm the next few days, so I hope to get out and ride a bit.

Scooterist killed in Boston

I am shocked and hor­ri­fied by a report in the Globe today, that a Scooter­ist was killed last night in a col­li­sion with a truck:

Police were search­ing last night for the dri­ver of a trac­tor trail­er sus­pect­ed of strik­ing, drag­ging, and killing an 18-year-old man rid­ing a motor scoot­er at the Mass­a­chu­setts Avenue onramp to the Mass­a­chu­setts Turnpike.

After the impact, the truck con­tin­ued down the ramp, tak­ing the scoot­er and its rid­er with it, police said. Both were found at the bot­tom of the ramp, which was closed for sev­er­al hours after the acci­dent, police said.

Even more dis­turb­ing that this, the dri­ver either did­n’t know the col­li­sion occured, or fled the scene:

After hit­ting the teenag­er, the dri­ver of the 18-wheel­er stopped momen­tar­i­ly on the Turn­pike to look at a tire that was on fire, said Boston police spokesman David Estra­da. He refused the help of sev­er­al Turn­pike work­ers and drove off with the tire ablaze, police said.

We don’t know much about the vic­tim yet, but this inci­dent should serve as an impor­tant reminder that motor scoot­ers are not toys — they are motor­cy­cles. Too many peo­ple just buy a new twist-n-go Ves­pa, with­out much expe­ri­ence rid­ing, or knowl­edge of safe rid­ing habits. We fre­quent­ly see Ves­pa rid­ers in shorts and t‑shirts, with no hel­mets or gloves, duck­ing in and out of busy city traf­fic. This is sim­ply insane.

Do your­self a favor — take a motor­cy­cle safe­ty course. It’s well worth the $200, and you get a dis­count on your insurance.

Boston City Rally

Lit­tle known bit of knowl­edge: scoot­er rallys have very lit­tle to do with rid­ing scoot­ers. Matt and Sharon came up to Boston for the city ral­ly, and we had some fun.


More shots on Flickr »

Boston Scooter Rally


It starts tonight — the Boston city ral­ly. Watch out if you’re walk­ing or dri­ving around the city in the next few days… espe­cial­ly in the Fen­way, which is ground zero…

But, it kicks off tonight in All­ston, at O’Briens — the amaz­ing Jam trib­ute band, All Mod Cons are play­ing. See you there.

Flood in Quincy

Poor Jason & Kim… all this rain that fell this week­end found its way into their base­ment.


Three Lam­bret­tas (a DL, Starstream and Cen­to), all of Jason’s clothes, tools, wash­er and dry­er, fur­ni­ture… all under water. So sad.

Pres­ley and I had both of our scoot­ers down there until Sat­ur­day after­noon, when we decid­ed to truck them down to JavaSpeed for repair– talk about dodg­ing a bullet.

I just feel so bad for those guys. It real­ly sucks.

Death or Glory

Head­ing out the door now for the Rhode Island scoot­er ral­ly, host­ed by Death or Glo­ry SC. We’re both still scooter­less now, so we’ll have to drink twice as much.

It should be a fun time, with some nice peo­ple… even if cer­tain scooter­ist friends aren’t com­ing. But, if you’ve got to have an excuse, the ole’ snip snip is a valid one. (Hope it went well, J‑man…)

Any­way, see you all on Sunday.


Ves­pa just launched a blog called Ves­p­away, with the require­ment that the two posters “blog at least once a week about their life as a ‘scooter­er.’ ” Scooter­er?

My scoot is still sit­ting in Jason & Kim’s base­ment — since we took apart the engine, and put it back togeth­er, it won’t start. I’ve been told we need to adjust the tim­ing, but it should be fine.

I bet­ter hur­ry up, or I’ll miss the entire summer…

Spring Scoots

this looks dirty”, posted by nedward

I’m start­ing to won­der about Jason’s san­i­ty, but we broke the Lam­bret­tas out of the base­ment last sun­day. My P‑200 is still put away, though, until I can fig­ure out the electrics.

Let the Sin begin

Let the Sin begin”, posted by nedward

Got back from Neva­da on Wednes­day morn­ing, hav­ing fled the pour­ing rain, bright neon, and the sound of slot machines. We spent about a week in Neva­da, which is far too long, con­sid­er­ing we did­n’t get mar­ried or lose our life’s sav­ings… No, instead we made due with $2 forty-ounce lagers and the right to smoke any­where we please.

Lammy”, posted by nedward

It was good to be amongst scooter­ists again, though the rain kept us from rid­ing except on Sun­day… (when you think of desert, a con­stant soak­ing is not what pops to mind!). Mor­gan, aka Mr. Pants, is da’ man for hook­ing us up with his vin­tage Ves­pa GT to ride, (even though we swapped it for his Lam­my, out of comfort).

riding”, posted by nedward

The big Ride that we went on was Sun­day, out to Red Rock Canyon… we saw red rocks, and hap­pi­ly rode the “scenic dri­ve” on our one day of sunshine.

Boston Stranglers Rally

The Boston Stran­glers’ Scoot­er Ral­ly was 2 weeks ago, and neglect­ful as always, I nev­er post­ed my pics.

One high­light of the week­end was get­ting an escort­ed ride for 50+ scoot­ers along the Charles Riv­er Esplanade, and then con­tin­ued on along the Emer­ald Neck­lace to the Larz Ander­son park, over­look­ing the city. Pres­ley and I were joined by Sam and her cute Metro, and we met a lot of new people.

And, I avoid­ed the com­bi­na­tion of drink­ing and rid­ing my Ves­pa.

Niagara 2004

My Niagara 2004 picturesLast week­end, we trav­eled to South­ern Ontario for the Nia­gara Scoot­er Ral­ly. And, the Cana­di­ans sure know how to throw a par­ty. Check out our pics, and here are some highlights:

  • Our first camp­ing trip in years
  • My grade 9 Eng­lish teacher’s son was there with his crew
  • Anoth­er two-up ride on Presley’s Lam­bret­ta—and we still couldn’t keep up with the pack
  • First tit­ty-bar expe­ri­ence with Pres­ley
  • Don’t buy gas in Canada—it’s pricey and will make your scoot sputter
  • Vino Girl(!) got muddy—which was just not right
  • I caught one of these at the raffle—now I can car­ry a six-pack on my leg shield

Jason post­ed in a more time­ly fash­ion, though I severe­ly ques­tion his asser­tion that “the weath­er was fair­ly nice”… I can only imag­ine what pre­vi­ous years were like. We had a light­en­ing show all Sat­ur­day night, and I still have wet boots sit­ting in my car trunk.

Any­way, we’ve got 1 city ral­ly and 1 camp­ing ral­ly under our belts…

Gotham ’04

Jason and his Red BullWell, we sur­vived the Gotham ral­ly this past week­end. We met a lot of cool scooter­ists, and enjoyed rid­ing around Man­hat­tan and Brooklyn.

I think we put brought joy and curios­i­ty (and maybe envy?) to the peo­ple of New York—seeing a hun­dred scoot­ers com­ing through your neigh­bor­hood in a giant pack is not some­thing peo­ple see every day. Those kids down in NYC know how to throw a good time. Too bad I didn’t win the bike raf­fle.

I post­ed my pics at—check out Jason above. Tonight, I buy my first scoot­er: a Ves­pa P‑200.

Pre Gotham Rally

Gotham II Scooter RallyTomor­row, we get out of work a lit­tle ear­ly, and load into the Saab for a trip down to NYC for the Gotham Scoot­er Ral­ly. From every­thing we’ve heard, Brook­lyn will be burn­ing by sun­day night.

Pres­ley and I are rel­a­tive­ly new scooter­ists, and this is our first ral­ly. Jason and Kim of course are respon­si­ble for this… so a spe­cial thanks to them for all their help get­ting Lisa’s ’63 Lam­bret­ta Li125 on the road. If all goes well, next week I’ll be rid­ing a 25-year old Ves­pa p200… sad­ly I won’t have it for Gotham, but I’m psy­ched, nonetheless.

Sooooo, look out NYC. Can’t wait to see you Kun­ta, Renee, Jen­na, and the rest of you Yan­kee-lik­ing swine.

New Scoot

Pres­ley bought her scoot­er this past week­end, from a friend-of-a-friend in Maine.

Looks pret­ty sweet, and she post­ed to her weblog for the first time this year. wow.

Florida Keys and Miami

Causeway The Cause­way

I enjoyed going through my pho­tos of our Mia­mi and the Flori­da Keys trip in ear­ly January.

These pho­tos, along with my trip jour­nal, will help me to always remem­ber it…

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Day 5: Back to Miami

Last night was cold! I know it’s much cold­er home in Boston, but Key West should­n’t be 50 and windy as hell! We spent our sec­ond night head­ing down to Mal­lo­ry Square for Sun­set. I was wear­ing a wool turtle­neck sweater, and was chilly.

Sad­ly, we walked around the Hilton (which basi­cal­ly took over the water­front a few years ago), but could­n’t find the Cat Man. We did catch Jeep and Mo and some tumbling/acrobatic group. Not bad, I sup­pose, but noth­ing you could­n’t get at Fanueil Hall on a Fri­day Night.

Drink­ing was again the goal, but we had such dif­fi­cul­ty find­ing good places to drink. After a drink in some sports-type bar on Duval, which had the Patri­ots play­off game on, we set­tled on Key West­’s cheesy land­mark, the Hog’s Breath. The food is aver­age, the ser­vice was ter­ri­ble (we ordered din­ner in the bar), and the music can only be described as awful. D’ya like Dave Matthews or Jim­my Buf­fet? super.

So, we walked up and down Duval again, and retired around mid­night, utter­ly sober.

In the morn­ing, we took the scoot­ers for a ride again, and then returned them. Then we head­ed down Route 1, back to Miami.

Meet­ing Sara in South Beach, we walked along Lin­coln Road, brows­ing the antiques and over­priced cloth­ing shops. We ate at the Nexxt Cafe — which is a bit like the Cheese­cake Fac­to­ry, only you’re stuffed into a hun­dred tables out on the side­walk where you can watch the beau­ti­ful peo­ple and ugly tourists shuf­fle by. I could tell you what I ordered, but it was­n’t real­ly memorable.

It was nice to see Sara, and escape the Total­ly Tourist ambi­ence of Key West. Sad­ly, I’m a city boy. How­ev­er, you Mia­mi folks honk your horns too much. For now rea­son. Seriously.

Since our flight is leav­ing tomor­row at 7:25am, I think we’re going to leave here and find a cheap motel near the air­port. End of vaca­tion, and back to work!

Day 4: Key West

Scoot­ers! What else to do in Key West? We head­ed to Moped Hos­pi­tal down the street from our Inn, and each rent­ed a scoot­er for the day. For $40 each, you get to wheel around town hel­met-less at 30 mph… quite a lot of fun, even with our lit­tle Kore­an mod­els. Every once in a while, a real motor­bike will zoom past us and put us in our place, but it feels lib­er­at­ing to be able to zip around with­out wear­ing your feet out. 30-mph feels like pret­ty fast when you’re fly­ing by bicyclists.

We first head­ed to the grave­yard, which is an odd place. The water table is so high, and the coral rock so hard, that every­one is buried above ground in lit­tle cement box­es. There are fun­ny epi­taphs, crum­bling and new mark­ers… and we noticed, quite a lot of Mason­ic imagery. There were many of those lit­tle com­pass sym­bols, 5‑petal ros­es, pen­ta­cles (5‑pointed stars) — every­where. This added a lit­tle creepy ele­ment to the walk through.

Next, we hopped onto the scoot­ers and head­ed up to Southard St. and Grin­nell St., for a Cuban Sand­wich and Cafe con Leche at the 5 Broth­ers. Pres­ley ate a Fritas Cubanas, which was some­thing like a slop­py joe with pota­to sticks and onion. Both were pret­ty tasty.

Then, on to the Souther­most Point, which is the south­ern­most point in the Con­ti­nen­tal Unit­ed States, if you don’t count the Navy yard gat­ed off to the west. It’s only 90 miles to Havana– much clos­er than Miami.

Back on the scoot­ers, and we zip back up to White­head St. and Tru­man St. to vis­it the Ernest Hem­ing­way Home. This is a total­ly com­mer­cial­ized oper­a­tion that takes your $10, and herds you into the house for a guid­ed tour. Our guide was Dave, who, though com­plete­ly tak­en with his own corny puns and jokes, was utter­ly inept at deal­ing soft­ly with inquis­i­tive tourists. A mid­dle-aged woman asked what year the house was pur­chased by Hem­ing­way, to which Dave the­atri­cal­ly closed his eyes, sighed loud­ly, and snapped “1931.… Now, does any­one know where I left off?” Then he explained that you may take all the pho­tos and video that you like, but not dur­ing his tour. Upstairs, Pres­ley took out her SLR cam­era to catch two six-toed cats loung­ing on Papa’s bed, to which Dave remind­ed her that we are not to take pho­tographs dur­ing his tour, all but assur­ing that he would not be receiv­ing any tip from our wallets.

Still, obnox­ious­ness aside, it was inter­est­ing strolling around the grounds, watch­ing the big cats with their big paws. The cats give the estate a mag­i­cal qual­i­ty, prompt­ing Pres­ley to muse, “The Paul Revere House could use some cats…”

Day 1, Part II: Arriving in Key Largo

We passed through Mia­mi Beach — stop­ping briefly to eat lunch and wan­der into the shops as it rained. Peo­ple are very friend­ly here — even in Benet­ton! I made Pres­ley take off her shoes and pop into the surf… rain or no rain. One odd thing we noticed about South Beach was the copi­ous num­bers of scoot­ers motor­ing around. Very odd indeed, but it makes per­fect sense to own one here, in the sun, where the streets are rel­a­tive­ly small and slow. No helmets!

We then head­ed down towards the Keys, down that crowd­ed strip-mall heav­en that is Route 1. We passed by the Uni­ver­si­ty of Mia­mi, and I briefly con­sid­ered what col­lege in such a place would have meant. The strip malls thin out a bit head­ing south, but they real­ly don’t stop until you cross into the Keys, only to pick up again as you approach Key Largo. We checked into our room at the West­in Key Largo, at MM 97. It’s a beau­ti­ful resort in the mid­dle of a sub-trop­i­cal for­rest. Pres­ley remarked that it was the nicest hotel room she has stayed in.

Con­sult­ing our guide­book, The Flori­da Keys, Joy Williams guid­ed us to Bal­ly­hoo’s, a lit­tle shack in the medi­an of the high­way near our hotel. Clear­ly not as attrac­tive to tourists, as it’s not on the water, Bal­ly­hoo’s serves excel­lent fish. I had the fresh caught Mahi-Mahi, pre­pared Men­si­uere-style, and Pres­ley ordered the Caribbean pan-fried Scal­lops. And both were two of the most deli­cious dish­es I’ve ever tasted.

A Quincy BBQ, Part I

Kim and her scooterI decid­ed to post anoth­er pho­to album up on my Type­pad, because they make it easy and ele­gant. These are most­ly Pres­ley’s shots, as it was her cam­era, and she’s the one into that whole ana­log thing.

Our friends Jason and Kim­ber­ly invit­ed some cowork­ers over for A Quin­cy BBQ.

The Cool Whip brand whipped top­ping prod­uct did­n’t come out untill after this roll was spent… so there will be a Part II! (I don’t know why I’m not in any of these…)