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HP All-in-Ones with Airport Express

I neglect­ed to men­tion in my post about installing the Air­port Express with a 3rd-Par­ty router, (a Net­gear WGR614, in my case), that I still couldn’t print wire­less­ly with the device. My HP PSC-750 All-in-One isn’t sup­port­ed… it makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to scan wire­less­ly, but why couldn’t I print?

Well, after a few more hours of search­ing, I final­ly found a solu­tion, cour­tesy William Bod­die in the Apple discussions:

When queried for a print­er, I select­ed “edit print­er list” from the scroll down menu, clicked on “add” under the print­er set­up util­i­ty-> went to IP Print­er -> Print­er type “Ren­dezvous” -> Print­er Address scrolled to “HP PSC 900 series” -> Print­er Mod­el “HP” ->mod­el “HP PSC 950 Foot­mat­ic” -> press “add.”

It worked, how­ev­er the AX is eas­i­ly the most frus­trat­ing Apple prod­uct I’ve encoun­tered… let’s hope that HP’s part­ner­ship with Apple to co-brand an HP iPod, will spurn HP to write bet­ter OS X print­er dri­vers. My land­lord is an archi­tect, and he’s mad that his $2500 plot­ter was ren­dered use­less with his upgrade to 10.3…

UPDATE I neglect­ed to men­tion that I am not using the bloat­ed and shod­dy dri­vers pro­vid­ed by HP.

I would instead rec­om­mend the HPIJS Open-source dri­vers. These dri­vers allows print­ing “over any avail­able con­nec­tion such as USB, AppleTalk, TCP/IP (via LPD and IPP), HP Jet­Di­rect, and shared win­dows print­ers via SAMBA”. And, you don’t have to install the use­less extra HP appli­ca­tions, which are includ­ed with the dri­ver package.

Airport Express

Apple's new Airport ExpressThe Air­port Express I ordered last month arrived yesterday.

After 2+ hours of fid­dling, googling, plug­ging and unplug­ging, I’ve final­ly got Karen O and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs stream­ing from my Powerbook’s iTunes, to my Onkyo receiv­er and Cam­bridge Sound­works speakers.

The prob­lem was to get my $60 Net­gear router to rec­og­nize the AX —as the doc­u­men­ta­tion makes no promis­es of con­nect­ing to a third-par­ty wire­less router, (on a side note, I’ve nev­er under­stood the pric­ing of the orig­i­nal Air­port Extreme—at $200, what advan­tages could this mod­el pos­si­bly offer over any oth­er IEEE 802.11g router?). Expect­ing it to plug-in and work, like all my Apple gear, I became increas­ing­ly frus­trat­ed with that blink­ing amber light (which tells you there is a prob­lem, but pro­vides no oth­er details).

After search­ing around in vain, I stum­bled across this thread on the Apple forums: AX: Switch­ing between Client and Net­work ?—and cjb65 points out that all you have to do is place a “$” before the 128-bit WEP key, when you set up the net­work… and pow! it works… Although, I’ve yet to get it to extend the range of my pri­ma­ry net­work. The AX is mere­ly act­ing as a “client” now.

It sounds good, how­ev­er, there are some “cons” to report:

  • AX bypass­es my Vol­ume Log­ic iTunes plu­g­in, (which nor­mal­ly improves the qual­i­ty of play­back quite a bit). I’m not too hap­py about that, though per­haps this will be ironed out in the future.
  • I wish that the AX streamed all audio to my stereo, not mere­ly music from iTunes.

Still, now that is stream­ing well enough, I’m impressed. I can’t wait to take it on the road, and use it as a portable wire­less net­work. Now, if only my cell phone could browse the web…

My Powerbook is on vacation

For­give the sil­ly title — I had to send my 12-inch PB away to Ten­nessee (or wher­ev­er Apple does their heavy tech sup­port), because the slot-load dri­ve was lock­ing up.

So this is my first Apple hard­ware issue…

In 4+ years with my Dell, the only hard­ware issue I ever had was my Dell Trini­tron mon­i­tor (which went bad at 2 years, 11 months).

Is this an indi­ca­tion of what I can expect in the future?

iLife ’04

I ordered iLife today… a good dis­trac­tion from bor­ing work-life, and from the Dean cam­paign in gen­er­al. Sud­den­ly I’m not hang­ing on every headline.

Jason’s write­up sounds pret­ty cool — I want to make fuzzy rock songs in Garage­band … maybe Pres­ley will sing?

Also, I’ve import­ed my 2000+ pho­tos into iPho­to, which is real­ly good at man­ag­ing pho­tos, (if not edit­ing them)… hope­ful­ly the new ver­sion will speed up the app’s response-time.


Mac OS X 10.3I got Pan­ther (OS X 10.3) this week, and final­ly found the time to install it on my newish 12-inch Power­book. No prob­lem, right? Maybe if I weren’t such a retard.

11pm. I loaded the disk, and nav­i­gat­ed through set­up with­out a prob­lem. Of course, as soon as I fin­ished, I for­got that what I real­ly want­ed was to par­ti­tion my gigan­tic 80GB dri­ve into a Sys­tem disk, and a Scratch disk.

After Pan­ther was up and run­ning, I went to the disk util­i­ty, and when I clicked on “par­ti­tion”, it told me that I couldn’t par­ti­tion the HD because it was the “boot vol­ume”. Oh, right. That makes some sense, I guess.

So, I insert­ed the Pan­ther install CD again, and reboot­ed. Then I ran the disk util­i­ty in the Pan­ther set­up. This let me par­ti­tion the dri­ve as I liked—though it would erase every­thing, which was OK by me.

Since every­thing was erased, I then tried to com­plete the Pan­ther install again—but it told me it couldn’t do it, because no ver­sion of OS X was found on the com­put­er. ::huh?:: It can’t install Pan­ther on a blank for­mat­ted drive?

So, I loaded up my Apple restore disk, installed Jaguar, (which takes about 20% longer) on the new sys­tem par­ti­tion, restart­ed with the Pan­ther Install disk once again insert­ed, and final­ly I was able to then erase the Jaguar install, and install Panther.

3am. I think it was worth it…

  • The Find­er seems very respon­sive and quick.
  • Switch­ing between Pro­grams seems fast and more intu­itive (if not more Windows-intuitive)
  • Expos? is HOTT.
  • Font Book, the new type man­age­ment soft­ware fills a huge hole left by Jaguar. A must-have for graph­ic designers.
  • Win­dows Friend­ly! Sup­port for Win­dows Net­work­ing, includ­ing print­ing to a shared Win­dows print­er & VPN access.

Apolo­gies for being so clut­ter-mind­ed this morn­ing, but all of this kept me up well past my bed time!

Powerbook en Route

My 12″ Power­book 12.1/1GHZ/786/80/CMBO/BT/LL is enroute from Taoyuan City, Tai­wan, and you can bet that I’ll be watch­ing the FedEx track­ing page every moment.

It’s expect­ed on 10/9, only one day late.

UPDATE: It’s here! And boy is it fast…

I’ve Made the Switch!

My new (old) G4This is old news to any­one who speaks with me reg­u­lar­ly, but I’ve final­ly made the switch—to a Mac.

Yes, I know, apolo­gies go out to my par­ents and every­one that I berat­ed over the years for fool­ish­ly buy­ing Macs – I just couldn’t resist any longer. I’m now the proud own­er of a G4, with a diminu­tive 350mhz chip, new 80gb dri­ve, 896mb RAM, OS X 10.2, and all the open source soft­ware I care to install. I was relieved to see that all my periph­er­als were eas­i­ly installed, and I’m get­ting bet­ter at nav­i­gat­ing the OS.

A cou­ple of peeves, that I’m sure I’ll get over:

  • + How do I min­i­mize all win­dows to the desk­top with a key­board shortcut?
  • + Work­ing with files in direc­to­ries is a bit weird—though I’m get­ting used to the col­umn view.
  • + It’s con­fus­ing dis­tin­guish­ing between “home” and “com­put­er”.
  • + win­dow focus: why do you have to click on an inac­tive win­dow first, and then select an item? That’s 2 clicks! In win­dows, you can click on a file in an inac­tive win­dow, and it will select as it sets the win­dow focus.
  • + Safari ren­ders type real­ly real­ly small—i don’t mind, but it wor­ries me that my web­site has such tiny type.

With the com­plaints out of the way, I have to say that I’m beam­ing with pride… some­thing new to evan­ge­lize on. And I’m not the only one.

12″ Powerbook

Todd, of What do i know, got his 12-inch Power­book, and it’s got this Dell XP user drooling.

I want iPod

Has any­body out there looked at mp3 play­ers? I can’t see spend­ing $150-$200 for some 64 or 128mb com­paq play­er (which Pres­ley got as a gift)— it’s just not enough music for the mon­ey, ya know?

I have seen the iPod, and it’s just so per­fect in every pos­si­ble way. But i’m NOT a mac per­son. Who is?

Alas, Medi­afour is com­ing through — devel­op­ing win­dows soft­ware that will make iPod for Win­dows pos­si­ble. I mean, I don’t have a job, per se, that i have to com­mute to or any­thing… but if i did, iPod would be great com­pa­ny on the green line.