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Fringe Politics Meet Art History

Steven Heller on another Glenn beck gem:

In a recent broad­cast, the res­i­dent pro­pa­gan­dist at Fox News takes Rock­e­feller Center’s vin­tage pub­lic art and archi­tec­ture to task for pro­mot­ing Com­mu­nism and Fas­cism through murals, friezes, and engrav­ings bear­ing sym­bols that sub­lim­i­nally project vile values.

Pol­i­tics aside, just watch­ing the video, what is Beck’s point? That oil money funds com­mu­nist rev­o­lu­tion? That he is as good a pro­pa­gan­dist as the communists?

The mind reels at his delusions.

Ghost in the Machine: The Clash

Ghost in the Machine: The Clash

Lon­don Call­ing, cas­sette tape on can­vas, 2009 — By Erika Iris Simmons

Two things that I really love about this illus­tra­tion by Erika Iris Sim­mons:

  1. It’s the iconic image from the cover of The Clash’s mas­ter­piece Lon­don Call­ing.
  2. It’s ren­dered with casette tape!

View it at the largest size to see the detail.

A New MoMA.org

Ned­ward is dig­ging into the new MoMA.org… so far, very intrigu­ing. Fixed nav bars are the new hottness.

I just sent the tweet above a few min­utes ago, but wanted to post some more con­text about it here. MoMA launched a revamped web site today, with a lot of hook-ins to social net­work­ing sites like Flickr, Twit­ter, YouTube, Face­book, etc. But, one of the more com­pelling changes is the addi­tion of a Facebook-style fixed nav bar, at the bottom:

new MoMA.org

The new MoMA.org, with its fixed nav­i­ga­tion bar.

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New Year’s Eve in the Berkshires


Mass­a­chu­setts Museum of Con­tem­po­rary Art, in North Adams, Massachusetts.

Things have been quiet around here over the hol­i­days. I turned 31 years old on Decem­ber 22, and then Lisa and I spent some time in Buf­falo with our folks, where I got to see my newest baby cousin Aline.

North Adams

The MASS MoCA cam­pus was once the Samp­son Shoe Company.
Sol LeWitt: A Wall Draw­ing Retrospective »
Anselm Kiefer: Sculp­ture and Paintings »

Then, after a few days back in Brook­lyn, we headed up to the Berk­shires for New Year’s Eve in North Adams – it’s not the most excit­ing town to ring in the new year, but we vis­ited MASS MoCA, stayed in a won­der­ful hotel called The Porches, and had the best meal North Adams has to offer at the Gramercy Bistro.

I didn’t do a lot of reflect­ing and resolution-making, but I am thank­ful for my fam­ily and friends, and for how great 2008 was for Lisa and I. Lisa is fond of say­ing that each year has been bet­ter than the last, which is more than one can hope for in this world.

More pho­tos below the jump.

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Bruce McCall on Letterman

I TiVo most of the late-night talk shows each night, in the hopes that some band or author that I love is fea­tured – some­how, that’s eas­ier than pre­emp­tively scan­ning TV Guide. But, I was gen­uinely sur­prised and thrilled to see the illus­tra­tor and writer Bruce McCall as a guest on David Letterman’s show, the other night.

I’m far too young to know his work from the National Lam­poon, but McCall’s New Yorker cov­ers are ingrained in my memory:

Bruce McCall New Yorker Covers

Some of Bruce McCall’s New Yorker cov­ers, from 1995–2008.

Letterman’s show might not have the cul­tural rel­e­vance that it once did, but you get the sense by watch­ing the seg­ment that he’d rather be sit­ting there talk­ing to McCall, than Mary-Kate or that chick from Twi­light. It’s just one of the many things that make Dave tick, and why I have a TiVo sea­son pass for the Late Show.

In the clip below, Let­ter­man and McCall look at and dis­cuss some of the work in McCall’s new children’s book, Mar­vel­town.

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Streetsy: 40+ Streetartists You Should Know Besides Banksy

Jake Dobkin presents 40+ Street Artists You Should Know Besides Banksy:

Every­one knows who Banksy is – but the inter­na­tional stree­tart com­mu­nity has hun­dreds of other great artists that deserve your atten­tion. Here’s a selec­tion of the very best.

Christoph Niemann’s Abstract City

One of my favorite blogs on NYTimes.com is writ­ten by the Ger­man illus­tra­tor Christoph Nie­mann, called Abstract City. He only posts once a month or so, but each one is as unique and inter­est­ing as the last.

And, it is amus­ing that his blog – of all NYTimes.com blogs – doesn’t have an illus­trated icon in the header. It’s not inten­tional on our part, he just hasn’t got­ten to it yet.

See More of Christoph Niemann’s work »

405 Sunset

While we were in Boston this past week­end, we stopped by our friend Lind­sey Warren’s stu­dio at BU, where she is just com­plet­ing her MFA in paint­ing. She just sold a bunch of work at the grad­u­ate stu­dent show a few weeks back, and still has some amaz­ing stuff left. We also got to see some works in progress – includ­ing some inter­est­ing printmaking.

But, the best thing about the visit was that we pur­chased an amaz­ing paint­ing, 405 Sun­set:

405 Sunset

This paint­ing was fea­tured in the Boston Globe Mag­a­zine last summer:

Lind­sey War­ren uses lurid col­ors and a sur­pris­ing range of tex­tures to evoke a world shim­mer­ing on the edge of dis­so­lu­tion, from the woodsy, dap­pled ‘Power Out­age’ to the crisp, sun-stroked ‘405 Sunset.’

So we’re excited to get this piece to Brook­lyn, but that will take some time since it mea­sures 4′x 5′– we’ll have to get it crated and shipped.

Take a look at her work, and con­tact her if you’re inter­ested in stop­ping by her stu­dio – she’ll be there until mid-June.

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Banksy Opening


This past Sun­day, we attended the Banksy open­ing at the Van­ina Holasek Gallery in Chelsea. I love Banksy’s work, but it seemed a lit­tle odd to see his sten­ciled work framed and mat­ted in a gallery, with penciled-in price tags labeled on the wall – $30k, $60k, $150k. It seemed a far cry from the street art and sub­ver­sive work that he’s known for.

Still, he’s one of the more inter­est­ing con­tem­po­rary artists out there – Lau­ren Collins has a nice pro­file piece, from The New Yorker in May. And, I love his album art­work for Blur’s last LP, in 2003.

More pho­tos, and a video of Banksy’s sub­ver­sive museum activ­ity below the fold.

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Peep­ers”, posted by ned­ward

I was brows­ing around the Goril­laz site today, kind of look­ing for­ward to the new record, and I stum­bled across a link to a Birm­ing­ham UK art col­lec­tive, Beat13. I really liked the illus­tra­tions done by Lucy Mclauch­lan, so I ordered a screen­print… only £53.00, lim­ited edi­tion of 200.

Art is Art?

Flip­ping to the Op-Ed page of the Boston Globe today, I was suprised and encour­aged to see that they printed a col­umn crit­i­ciz­ing a recent exhibit at the Jew­ish Museum in New York. This kind of exhibit, which fea­tured works that use Holo­caust themes (and nazi sym­bols) in a post­mod­ernist con­text of irony and kitsch, seems so tired and done-before, and con­tributes lit­tle to the tra­di­tion of Art and cul­tural offer­ings in this country.

And if the Globe isn’t a suf­fi­ciently Lib­eral source, (it’s prob­a­bly the most Lib­eral major news­pa­per of record, thank­fully), The Vil­lage Voice offered a neg­a­tive review too. I’d be inter­ested to hear first-hand, from peo­ple who’ve attended it. Any­one checked it out?