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On Turning 30

Hap­py Birth­day, John! from Pirata718 on Vimeo.

Decem­ber 22 came and went, and now I’m 30 years old. I can’t even com­pre­hend that sta­tis­tic. Grow­ing up, I fig­ured that I would have accom­plished so much by that age – it seemed so far away. Today, 40 seems ridicu­lous­ly far away. There is prob­a­bly some kind of les­son in that.

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A cou­ple of Jan­u­ary birth­days help con­tin­ue my trend of post­ing to Flickr only pho­tos of my friends drinking…


Stef’s 31st Birthday – More on Flickr »

birthday girl

Nobuko’s 33rd Birthday – More on Flickr »

On Turning 28

On this day, in 1977, I was born. At 5 lbs. 6 oz., I was six weeks ear­ly, and spent my first Christ­mas in hospital.

I used to think that 28 sound­ed so old – time for mar­ry­ing, house-buy­ing, and think­ing about kid­dos. Now that this day has come, those things seem as far away as they did when I was 20. I’m always amazed that peo­ple I know are doing these things now… my younger cous­ing Mag­gie has 3 kids, and she’s 2 years younger than me. My first real girl­friend from High School is mar­ried. And, it seems like every weblog­ger that I read is either get­ting engaged, mar­ried, or hav­ing a child.

So, I’m 28. I may have been in a hur­ry to come into this world, but hope­ful­ly I’ve learned to slow down a bit. I’ve got a great girl, good friends, and a lot to be thank­ful for… those oth­er “grown-up” things will fall into place, in time.


Here is my God­son, Tommy…


Godson, by nedward.

I was in Buf­fa­lo this past week­end to cel­e­brate my Grand­ma’s 100th birth­day, and got to see my cousins Mag­gie, Lau­ren, Sarah, and Emma.

New Apple Display

apple.com”, posted by nedward

Christ­mas & my Birth­day, with­in 3 days of each oth­er… Put them togeth­er, and you get a new Apple 20″ Cin­e­ma Dis­play.

Every­thing looks more beau­ti­ful tonight.

On turning 27

Thanks to every­one who came to my lit­tle birth­day par­ty last night. Pres­ley did an amaz­ing job orga­niz­ing, and tak­ing care of every­thing. I hope every­one had fun.

Here is an iMix of the playlist last night — Ned’s 27th Birth­day Playlist.

There are 167 tracks on my playlist, but iTunes only has the rights to sell 104 of them… The full songlist is below the fold.

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Scorpion Bowl

Noth­ing like shar­ing a Scor­pi­on Bowl with anoth­er man’s wife…

Scorpion Bowl

K. and Ned at Lolo’s birthday celebration. Tiki Room, Lansdowne Street, Boston, Sept 17.


I'm 26!I’m now twen­ty-six years old. And my girl­friend is mak­ing me cup­cakes to take to work tomor­row (today).

Isn’t that wonderful?

Birthday 25 Soon