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I’ve Made the Switch!

My new (old) G4This is old news to anyone who speaks with me regularly, but I’ve finally made the switch—to a Mac.

Yes, I know, apologies go out to my parents and everyone that I berated over the years for foolishly buying Macs – I just couldn’t resist any longer. I’m now the proud owner of a G4, with a diminutive 350mhz chip, new 80gb drive, 896mb RAM, OS X 10.2, and all the open source software I care to install. I was relieved to see that all my peripherals were easily installed, and I’m getting better at navigating the OS.

A couple of peeves, that I’m sure I’ll get over:

  • + How do I minimize all windows to the desktop with a keyboard shortcut?
  • + Working with files in directories is a bit weird—though I’m getting used to the column view.
  • + It’s confusing distinguishing between “home” and “computer”.
  • + window focus: why do you have to click on an inactive window first, and then select an item? That’s 2 clicks! In windows, you can click on a file in an inactive window, and it will select as it sets the window focus.
  • + Safari renders type really really small—i don’t mind, but it worries me that my website has such tiny type.

With the complaints out of the way, I have to say that I’m beaming with pride… something new to evangelize on. And I’m not the only one.