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MSM Ahead of Curve on V.P. Debate

Did you know that NYTimes.com streamed live video of last night’s debate, right on the top of its home page? There was a full-screen option, too. Pret­ty cool stuff – even Gawk­er was impressed.

Also, check out our V.P. Debati­na­tor – a mashup of video, tran­script, and time­line from the debate.

Neighborhood Envy, Gossip Girl in Carroll Gardens

I’m no stranger to neigh­bor­hood-envy, but it’s nice to hear some direct­ed our way:

Gos­sip Girl Invades Car­roll Gar­dens, Olds Are Befud­dled, Enraged »

I’m going to refer to my neigh­bors as “Smith Street whip­sters (wealthy hip­sters)”, uniron­i­cal­ly and with zero self-aware­ness, from now on.

Libeskind PR Affront

Today, the a pan­el in NYC will decide on which of the 2 final designs will replace the World Trade Cen­ter. Libe­skind has been every­where, as Gawk­er points out… but it looks like the Think team will get the call. I’m glad, despite the tin­ker­toy lat­tice­work. Stay tuned…

UPDATE: Aw Hell no. Every­one spoke too soon… Libe­skind Design Cho­sen for Rebuild­ing at Ground Zero (NY Times)

Gawker has RSS

I just dis­cov­ered, on a whim, that gawk­er does pro­vide excepts via RSS 0.91, 1.0. Now I can know instant­ly when Eliz­a­beth Spiers, Edi­tor, attacks.