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Google Maps: Boston Street View

It was announced yesterday that Google Maps’ Street View comes to more cities, including Boston. So naturally, I looked up our previous apartment in Cambridge, MA. The weird thing is that myself, and our friends/upstairs neighbors Tyler and Sarah are pictured!


We’re having our moving sale, and that’s my Saab in the foreground. I can probably peg the date taken to August 11th or 12th, 2007 – the weekend before we moved.

Click the photo to see notes, look at it big, or check it out on Google Maps yourself. I am a little creeped out.

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Prioritizing RSS Feeds

Now that I’m working full-time (more on that soon), I don’t have as much time to loll about and read everything that comes into my RSS reader. Rather than unsubscribing from all of the trivial stuff, why not create a “high priority” label in Google Reader, and apply it to the “can’t miss” feeds? Matt Wood explains this strategy on 43 Folders:

Nothing wrong with keeping a long list of other labels, (sports, nyc, photos, etc.), but by adding this new label, it’s easy to prioritize the important feeds. Then, when I get time, I can catch up on Julia and Jakob.

Gmail Adds IMAP Support

Via the Official Google Blog:

Gmail adds IMAP support
“Are you guys ever going to do IMAP?” Well now I can say: Yes. Yes, we are doing IMAP. In fact, we are doing it for you for free on all devices and platforms.

This is great news, especially for iPhone users, (instructions here). Now, you can keep your mail account synched between multiple computers and devices.

UPDATE: Derek makes a good point about some advanced mail settings on the iPhone – make sure to align your Drafts, Sent, and Trash folders.

Google Acquires Jaiku

I don’t know many Americans that use Jaiku, a Twitter-like service that allows you to micro-post your day from the web, or mobile phone. But, with the announced acquisition of the Finnish company by Google, I bet more will take a look.

A Q&A on the deal is available on the Jaiku site, but they are freezing new sign-ups for now.

Google Kwanzaa

google kwanzaaHappy Holidays, from Google. If you search for certain end-of-the year holidays, you get festive borders on the Google results page, (look between the results and text ads)

Are there more?

Google Secure Access client

Jeez, Google is branching out in to all kinds of new businesses… the latest is a venture to provide the world with a secure WiFi connection, especially usefule in public places.

Dubbed Google Secure Access, it provides a free VPN connection to Google. Some observers are already questioning Google’s commitment to user privacy, which gives pause — but, I for one, would love such a service. Too bad the download is available only for WIndows.