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Let the Sin begin

“Let the Sin begin”, posted by nedward

Got back from Nevada on Wednesday morning, having fled the pouring rain, bright neon, and the sound of slot machines. We spent about a week in Nevada, which is far too long, considering we didn’t get married or lose our life’s savings… No, instead we made due with $2 forty-ounce lagers and the right to smoke anywhere we please.

“Lammy”, posted by nedward

It was good to be amongst scooterists again, though the rain kept us from riding except on Sunday… (when you think of desert, a constant soaking is not what pops to mind!). Morgan, aka Mr. Pants, is da’ man for hooking us up with his vintage Vespa GT to ride, (even though we swapped it for his Lammy, out of comfort).

“riding”, posted by nedward

The big Ride that we went on was Sunday, out to Red Rock Canyon… we saw red rocks, and happily rode the “scenic drive” on our one day of sunshine.

Vegas, baby…

Presley and I are off to Vegas for nearly a week, to go to the High Rollers Weekend, AKA, the Las Vegas Scooter Rally. Morgan is the man, as he’s going to let us ride his gorgeous vintage Vespa GT while we’re there.

I’ve never actually been west of Chicago, so I’m excited.

The weather, however might not cooperate. A quick glance at the 10-day forecast doesn’t make me hopeful.

Anyway, I’ll have photos and all the details when we get back. The funny thing is, my parents called to say that they would be there at the same time… which seems just not right.