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Prioritizing RSS Feeds

Now that I’m working full-time (more on that soon), I don’t have as much time to loll about and read everything that comes into my RSS reader. Rather than unsubscribing from all of the trivial stuff, why not create a “high priority” label in Google Reader, and apply it to the “can’t miss” feeds? Matt Wood explains this strategy on 43 Folders:

Nothing wrong with keeping a long list of other labels, (sports, nyc, photos, etc.), but by adding this new label, it’s easy to prioritize the important feeds. Then, when I get time, I can catch up on Julia and Jakob.

Free Wi-Fi in Midtown

Holy iPhone grail! Who needs to wait for muni-Wi-Fi?

Letterman and the WGA Strike

There were rumors that Jon Stewart was going to pay his writers through the WGA strike, which turned out to be false. While I’m sure that the Daily Show host sympathizes, he doesn’t have Letterman money.

Dave is already losing an estimated $600k a week in salary, and because he owns the Late Show, CBS has stopped paying his production company, Worldwide Pants. What’s interesting is that while Dave is shelling out for employees of Pants, much of the show’s technical staff are CBS employees, according to one blog:

These employees (at least in Los Angeles) have been on the street since day 1 of the strike. CBS does not want to pay them. They’re like the bastard child nobody wants to claim.

So, this thing goes on. Letterman is doing the right thing by his writers and staff – hopefully this thing will get resolved soon. In the meantime, the Late Show writers have a strike blog, and Ze Frank has returned to the really small screen to offer his thoughts: strike day, and strike #2.

Carroll Gardens Featured on Gridskipper

Gridskipper put together a nice feature on our neighborhood in Brooklyn, including a snarky comparison:

Carroll Gardens featured on Gridskipper
Carroll Gardens is quaint, and for those in love with the West Village but who simply can’t afford to live there, it will do.

I’m not sure that I agree with this – we chose to live in Brooklyn over Manhattan, and I would argue that the neighborhoods to the north (Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill) are probably more fitting equivalents. Also, with few exceptions, Carroll Gardens is still very much a family neighborhood. Sure, it might be changing, but take a walk down our street during the day, and you’re going to see a lot of old men who’ve lived there for 50 years, as well as kids playing on the sidewalk. Err, maybe that is what the West Village is like.

Still, can’t deny that Carroll Gardens is awesome, and relatively affordable, considering the restaurant and bar options – we rarely make it into the city on weekends.


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Vamoose Bus

I know what bus I’m taking now, whenever I need to get to Boston or DC:

NYC-Boston bus offers free wi-fi, and reservations
…will provide riders with free WiFi on its leased buses, which are equipped with routers. Vamoose is selling one-way reserved seats for $22.

Free wi-fi and a guaranteed seat, for $40 round trip? Done.

More at Vamoosebus.com.

Gmail Adds IMAP Support

Via the Official Google Blog:

Gmail adds IMAP support
“Are you guys ever going to do IMAP?” Well now I can say: Yes. Yes, we are doing IMAP. In fact, we are doing it for you for free on all devices and platforms.

This is great news, especially for iPhone users, (instructions here). Now, you can keep your mail account synched between multiple computers and devices.

UPDATE: Derek makes a good point about some advanced mail settings on the iPhone – make sure to align your Drafts, Sent, and Trash folders.

iPhone 1.1.1 and 3rd Party Apps

iNdependence for iPhone
It ain’t pretty, but I used this to upgrade to the 1.1.1 firmware, and then to manually copy installer.app onto the phone. Hello 3rd-party apps!

Beware, this is a lot more complicated than the way things were, before 1.1.1.

2007 Web Design Survey

A List Apart releases the results of their 2007 Web Design Survey, and I’m feeling nicely average for my profession.

Close to 33,000 web professionals answered the survey’s 37 questions, providing the first data ever collected on the business of web design and development as practiced in the U.S. and worldwide.

ALA provides a PDF with the survey’s findings, but they also provide the raw date in Excel format, which you’re free to play around with, pivot, and chart.

Apple’s Web Apps Portal

Still no word on when or if Apple will officially allow 3rd-party apps – but some of these are really cool, so long as you’ve got wi-fi or AT&T EDGE. Here are my new favorites:

  • Weather.com // Way better than their old mobile site, with forecasts, and maps.
  • Fandango // Set your location, and movie times are not far behind. This is also way better than their old Mobile site, (as well as MovieFone’s).
  • Tipr // It takes your check total and a specified tip percentage and generates a total that is a palindrome – so you can ensure that you’re not getting ripped off.

And, some oldies that haven’t yet made it into the directory:

First Week in Carroll Gardens

We arrived last Wednesday, and unpacking is an ongoing project. We sold, gave away, or threw out most of our “big stuff”, so this move is not only about a new space, but also a lot of new purchases. A lot of the stuff we got rid of was from our college days, and had also already made it through our fire.

Room & Board sofaI’m most excited about our new sofa, which Lisa bought from Room & Board in SoHo. Thanks to Jason and Liz for tipping us off to this place – we loved everything we saw there. Their furniture manages to be very modern without looking uncomfortable or annoying. (Of course, we realized later that we chose the same sofa as the Yovanoff-De Mase home… but hey, good taste is good taste, right?

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Two New Free Downloads from Microsoft

Two great new free downloads from the Microsoft Mac BU this week:

Just doing their part to promote Mac & Windows cohabitation.

MTA Subway Map for iPhone

Since I bought my iPhone on June 30, I’ve been looking for an easy, high-quality method for viewing the MTA Subway map. The phone’s built-in Photo application “optimizes” all photos and images down to a dimension and resolution that doesn’t work well for images with lots of small text and details.


In search of the optimal iPhone MTA map.

What I wanted, was the ability to view a PDF, or large PNG of the system map – and to be able to zoom in and drag it around easily. Bill at iSubwayMaps.com outlined one such solution, which involved setting up a Yahoo! mail account, since IMAP mail accounts seemed to cache attachments locally on the iPhone. This did work for me, but I found the MTA’s PDF map sluggish when zooming or dragging around. And, I had to drill back through the Mail menus to get to my Yahoo mail account, (as I’m primarily a Gmail user).

But, before I could go out and buy a old-fashioned paper pop-up map, another solution presented itself:

Filemark Maker gets around the limitations outlined above, by writing files to a temp location on the device’s HD, by using Safari bookmarklets. Then, the files are accessible in MobileSafari. And, because the files are written to iPhone’s HD, the bookmarklets work whether you’re online or not – or whether you’re above ground or not.

Here are the MTA Subway Maps that I used to make bookmarklets using this tool:

links for 2007-01-20

The BEAST 50 Most Loathsome People in America, 2006

An alt weekly from my home town has some snarky observations.

links for 2007-01-05

Quinn: a nice Tetris version for OS X

Free, and you can play on your local network, with Bonjour support!

Chief Justice Rehnquist was on painkillers for 10 years

A doctor was cited as saying that Rehnquist, an associate justice of the Supreme Court at the time, tried to escape the hospital in his pajamas and imagined that the CIA was plotting against him.

YouTube – OUTSOURCED movie trailer

Sounds familiar:

After his entire department is outsourced, an American novelty products salesman (Hamilton) heads to India to train his replacement.

Parallels Desktop for Mac Update Beta3

The best and fastest Windows virtualization for OS X gets a new UI, and support for USB 2.0.

links for 2006-10-18

Some great Greasemonkey scripts for Gmail
conversation preview bubbles, Label colors, & keyboard macros

Smart Google Reader Subscribe Button
Another cool Greasemonkey script, if you’re into Google apps.

Alison from Project Runway Season 3 is getting her own line
Kicked off way to early, (I don’t say this just because she was the cutest), it’s good to see her doing well. And, she’s a Cape Cod native.

links for 2006-10-13

It’s Windows Freeware day!

AIM light
Nice light-weight AOL Instant Messenger client.

Taskbar Shuffle
After installing and running Taskbar Shuffle, all you have to do is click-hold-drag the way you would if you were reordering anything in Windows.

links for 2006-10-10

The Good, The Bad And The Queen – “Herculean”
Stereogum has an MP3 of the first single from TGTB&TQ… it’s more Gorillaz than vintage Blur, but haunting none the less.
More info on TGTB&TQ here

links for 2006-08-07

Behind the Typeface: Cooper Black
Hilarious spoof of the VH1 staple, with lots of interesting facts about a very familiar typeface.

Helvetica: the Film
A feature-length independent film about typography, graphic design and global visual culture. Thank god for the Swiss.

Johnny Marr Joins Modest Mouse
Legendary Smiths’ guitarist had been writing and recording with the band, but is now “a full blown member”, according to front man Isaac Brock.

OK GO – Here It Goes Again video
Hilarious choreography, OK music. I will never look at a treadmill the same again. [via Airbag]

links for 2006-07-27

Fix Keyword Assistant in newer iPhoto
Thank god for this workaround – I’ve been stuck in “compatibility mode” since April.

Smultron Mac Text Editor
The “split window” feature looks sweet, especially for when you’re editing both a HTML and CSS file simultaneously.

The Icon Factory’s Animated “Under Construction” Page
I’ve enjoyed watching each installment — funny stuff for web geeks.

links for 2006-07-20

““Sith Abandon Ship” T-Shirt”:http://www.uncrate.com/men/style/tees-polos/sith-abandon-ship-tshirt-005552.php
I’m a sucker for these funny Star Wars T-shirts, especially when they’re printed on American Apparel.

…features an awesome imagined scene of a Darth water rescue. Man, is he gonna be pissed.

“Fisher-Price MP3 player”:http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/20/technology/20player.html?ex=1154059200&en=693db4ec0769fd56&ei=5070&emc=eta1
No, we’re not talking about Web 2.0 me-too design– this is an actual device for young children. (I can see Apple jumping in here with the iTot.) [[“via”:http://presley.suckahs.org]]

“CoComment launches new features”:http://www.cocomment.com/teamblog/?p=98
Finally, it will track comments from all readers, not merely other CoComment members. Do yourself a favor and sign up!

links for 2006-07-19

“Dvorak is a f*cking idiot”:http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1987181,00.asp
Hack piece on CSS, and its supposed deficiencies… maybe John should stick to a Blogspot template, or hire someone who understands the subject. [[“via”:http://hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/]]

UPDATE: “John Allsop picks apart Dvorak’s piece”:http://westciv.typepad.com/dog_or_higher/2006/07/dvorak_and_css.html

“Forbes names Buffalo a “Bohemian Bargain””:http://www.forbes.com/2005/10/18/cz_05life2_Bohemian_Bargains_slide_2.html?thisSpeed=30000

Don’t let Buffalo’s reputation as a frigid Lake Erie town fool you. There’s plenty of heat here—particularly in the arts.

Part of their “150 Cheap Places to Live”:http://www.forbes.com/2005/10/25/cheap-places-to-live_05life2_land.html series.

links for 2006-07-14

The Killer’s new song, When You Were Young
They updated their web site, with the full version of the new single. Hear the Springsteen influence? The album due out in October.

Last.fm update today?
The site and service are on hold right now.

links for 2006-07-07

Awesome mashup of your last.fm data, and Upcoming.org events in your area… it even provides an ATOM feed, (though the feed does not validate, and gives errors as of now). iCalendar support is coming in the future, which will keep you from ever missing a good show again!

links for 2006-06-26

Bicycle Drift
Get that Fast & the Furious Tokyo Drift action with your bike [via Yewknee]

The Culture of Fugly
DxF is back, arguing against those who argue “bad design is good design”… I love the redesign.

Project Runway to return on July 12
I became a fan midway through season 2, so I can’t wait for the new crew. It’s a great reality show for creative-minded people.

Slate redesigns
More, more, more… and, huge-ass rollover menus.

links for 2006-06-19

2006 World Cup logoErik Spiekermann trashes the World Cup branding
All designers like to talk shit, but I think he’s just jealous of the gig. [via]

It’s like Quicksilver for Windows. [via]