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Prioritizing RSS Feeds

Now that I’m work­ing full-time (more on that soon), I don’t have as much time to loll about and read every­thing that comes into my RSS read­er. Rather than unsub­scrib­ing from all of the triv­ial stuff, why not cre­ate a “high pri­or­i­ty” label in Google Read­er, and apply it to the “can’t miss” feeds? Matt Wood explains this strat­e­gy on 43 Fold­ers:

Noth­ing wrong with keep­ing a long list of oth­er labels, (sports, nyc, pho­tos, etc.), but by adding this new label, it’s easy to pri­or­i­tize the impor­tant feeds. Then, when I get time, I can catch up on Julia and Jakob.

Free Wi-Fi in Midtown

Holy iPhone grail! Who needs to wait for muni-Wi-Fi?

Letterman and the WGA Strike

There were rumors that Jon Stew­art was going to pay his writ­ers through the WGA strike, which turned out to be false. While I’m sure that the Dai­ly Show host sym­pa­thizes, he does­n’t have Let­ter­man money.

Dave is already los­ing an esti­mat­ed $600k a week in salary, and because he owns the Late Show, CBS has stopped pay­ing his pro­duc­tion com­pa­ny, World­wide Pants. What’s inter­est­ing is that while Dave is shelling out for employ­ees of Pants, much of the show’s tech­ni­cal staff are CBS employ­ees, accord­ing to one blog:

These employ­ees (at least in Los Ange­les) have been on the street since day 1 of the strike. CBS does not want to pay them. They’re like the bas­tard child nobody wants to claim.

So, this thing goes on. Let­ter­man is doing the right thing by his writ­ers and staff – hope­ful­ly this thing will get resolved soon. In the mean­time, the Late Show writ­ers have a strike blog, and Ze Frank has returned to the real­ly small screen to offer his thoughts: strike day, and strike #2.

Carroll Gardens Featured on Gridskipper

Grid­skip­per put togeth­er a nice fea­ture on our neigh­bor­hood in Brook­lyn, includ­ing a snarky comparison:

Car­roll Gar­dens fea­tured on Gridskipper
Car­roll Gar­dens is quaint, and for those in love with the West Vil­lage but who sim­ply can’t afford to live there, it will do.

I’m not sure that I agree with this – we chose to live in Brook­lyn over Man­hat­tan, and I would argue that the neigh­bor­hoods to the north (Cob­ble Hill and Boerum Hill) are prob­a­bly more fit­ting equiv­a­lents. Also, with few excep­tions, Car­roll Gar­dens is still very much a fam­i­ly neigh­bor­hood. Sure, it might be chang­ing, but take a walk down our street dur­ing the day, and you’re going to see a lot of old men who’ve lived there for 50 years, as well as kids play­ing on the side­walk. Err, maybe that is what the West Vil­lage is like.

Still, can’t deny that Car­roll Gar­dens is awe­some, and rel­a­tive­ly afford­able, con­sid­er­ing the restau­rant and bar options – we rarely make it into the city on weekends.


Con­tin­ue read­ing ‘Car­roll Gar­dens Fea­tured on Gridskipper’

Vamoose Bus

I know what bus I’m tak­ing now, when­ev­er I need to get to Boston or DC:

NYC-Boston bus offers free wi-fi, and reser­va­tions
…will pro­vide rid­ers with free WiFi on its leased bus­es, which are equipped with routers. Vamoose is sell­ing one-way reserved seats for $22.

Free wi-fi and a guar­an­teed seat, for $40 round trip? Done.

More at Vamoosebus.com.

Gmail Adds IMAP Support

Via the Offi­cial Google Blog:

Gmail adds IMAP support
“Are you guys ever going to do IMAP?” Well now I can say: Yes. Yes, we are doing IMAP. In fact, we are doing it for you for free on all devices and platforms.

This is great news, espe­cial­ly for iPhone users, (instruc­tions here). Now, you can keep your mail account synched between mul­ti­ple com­put­ers and devices.

UPDATE: Derek makes a good point about some advanced mail set­tings on the iPhone – make sure to align your Drafts, Sent, and Trash folders.

iPhone 1.1.1 and 3rd Party Apps

iNde­pen­dence for iPhone
It ain’t pret­ty, but I used this to upgrade to the 1.1.1 firmware, and then to man­u­al­ly copy installer.app onto the phone. Hel­lo 3rd-par­ty apps!

Beware, this is a lot more com­pli­cat­ed than the way things were, before 1.1.1.

2007 Web Design Survey

A List Apart releas­es the results of their 2007 Web Design Sur­vey, and I’m feel­ing nice­ly aver­age for my profession.

Close to 33,000 web pro­fes­sion­als answered the survey’s 37 ques­tions, pro­vid­ing the first data ever col­lect­ed on the busi­ness of web design and devel­op­ment as prac­ticed in the U.S. and worldwide.

ALA pro­vides a PDF with the sur­vey’s find­ings, but they also pro­vide the raw date in Excel for­mat, which you’re free to play around with, piv­ot, and chart.

Apple’s Web Apps Portal

Still no word on when or if Apple will offi­cial­ly allow 3rd-par­ty apps — but some of these are real­ly cool, so long as you’ve got wi-fi or AT&T EDGE. Here are my new favorites:

  • Weather.com // Way bet­ter than their old mobile site, with fore­casts, and maps.
  • Fan­dan­go // Set your loca­tion, and movie times are not far behind. This is also way bet­ter than their old Mobile site, (as well as Movie­Fone’s).
  • Tipr // It takes your check total and a spec­i­fied tip per­cent­age and gen­er­ates a total that is a palin­drome — so you can ensure that you’re not get­ting ripped off.

And, some oldies that haven’t yet made it into the directory:

First Week in Carroll Gardens

We arrived last Wednes­day, and unpack­ing is an ongo­ing project. We sold, gave away, or threw out most of our “big stuff”, so this move is not only about a new space, but also a lot of new pur­chas­es. A lot of the stuff we got rid of was from our col­lege days, and had also already made it through our fire.

Room & Board sofaI’m most excit­ed about our new sofa, which Lisa bought from Room & Board in SoHo. Thanks to Jason and Liz for tip­ping us off to this place – we loved every­thing we saw there. Their fur­ni­ture man­ages to be very mod­ern with­out look­ing uncom­fort­able or annoy­ing. (Of course, we real­ized lat­er that we chose the same sofa as the Yovanoff-De Mase home… but hey, good taste is good taste, right?

Con­tin­ue read­ing ‘First Week in Car­roll Gardens’

Two New Free Downloads from Microsoft

Two great new free down­loads from the Microsoft Mac BU this week:

Just doing their part to pro­mote Mac & Win­dows cohabitation.

MTA Subway Map for iPhone

Since I bought my iPhone on June 30, I’ve been look­ing for an easy, high-qual­i­ty method for view­ing the MTA Sub­way map. The phone’s built-in Pho­to appli­ca­tion “opti­mizes” all pho­tos and images down to a dimen­sion and res­o­lu­tion that does­n’t work well for images with lots of small text and details.


In search of the optimal iPhone MTA map.

What I want­ed, was the abil­i­ty to view a PDF, or large PNG of the sys­tem map – and to be able to zoom in and drag it around eas­i­ly. Bill at iSubwayMaps.com out­lined one such solu­tion, which involved set­ting up a Yahoo! mail account, since IMAP mail accounts seemed to cache attach­ments local­ly on the iPhone. This did work for me, but I found the MTA’s PDF map slug­gish when zoom­ing or drag­ging around. And, I had to drill back through the Mail menus to get to my Yahoo mail account, (as I’m pri­mar­i­ly a Gmail user).

But, before I could go out and buy a old-fash­ioned paper pop-up map, anoth­er solu­tion pre­sent­ed itself: 

File­mark Mak­er gets around the lim­i­ta­tions out­lined above, by writ­ing files to a temp loca­tion on the device’s HD, by using Safari book­marklets. Then, the files are acces­si­ble in Mobile­Sa­fari. And, because the files are writ­ten to iPhone’s HD, the book­marklets work whether you’re online or not – or whether you’re above ground or not.

Here are the MTA Sub­way Maps that I used to make book­marklets using this tool:

links for 2007-01-20

The BEAST 50 Most Loath­some Peo­ple in Amer­i­ca, 2006

An alt week­ly from my home town has some snarky observations.

links for 2007-01-05

Quinn: a nice Tetris ver­sion for OS X

Free, and you can play on your local net­work, with Bon­jour support!

Chief Jus­tice Rehn­quist was on painkillers for 10 years

A doc­tor was cit­ed as say­ing that Rehn­quist, an asso­ciate jus­tice of the Supreme Court at the time, tried to escape the hos­pi­tal in his paja­mas and imag­ined that the CIA was plot­ting against him.

YouTube — OUTSOURCED movie trailer

Sounds famil­iar:

After his entire depart­ment is out­sourced, an Amer­i­can nov­el­ty prod­ucts sales­man (Hamil­ton) heads to India to train his replacement.

Par­al­lels Desk­top for Mac Update Beta3

The best and fastest Win­dows vir­tu­al­iza­tion for OS X gets a new UI, and sup­port for USB 2.0.

links for 2006-10-18

Some great Grease­mon­key scripts for Gmail
con­ver­sa­tion pre­view bub­bles, Label col­ors, & key­board macros

Smart Google Read­er Sub­scribe Button
Anoth­er cool Grease­mon­key script, if you’re into Google apps.

Ali­son from Project Run­way Sea­son 3 is get­ting her own line
Kicked off way to ear­ly, (I don’t say this just because she was the cutest), it’s good to see her doing well. And, she’s a Cape Cod native.

links for 2006-10-13

It’s Win­dows Free­ware day!

AIM light
Nice light-weight AOL Instant Mes­sen­ger client.

Taskbar Shuf­fle
After installing and run­ning Taskbar Shuf­fle, all you have to do is click-hold-drag the way you would if you were reorder­ing any­thing in Windows.

links for 2006-10-10

The Good, The Bad And The Queen — “Her­culean”
Stere­ogum has an MP3 of the first sin­gle from TGTB&TQ… it’s more Goril­laz than vin­tage Blur, but haunt­ing none the less.
More info on TGTB&TQ here

links for 2006-08-07

Behind the Type­face: Coop­er Black
Hilar­i­ous spoof of the VH1 sta­ple, with lots of inter­est­ing facts about a very famil­iar typeface.

Hel­veti­ca: the Film
A fea­ture-length inde­pen­dent film about typog­ra­phy, graph­ic design and glob­al visu­al cul­ture. Thank god for the Swiss.

John­ny Marr Joins Mod­est Mouse
Leg­endary Smiths’ gui­tarist had been writ­ing and record­ing with the band, but is now “a full blown mem­ber”, accord­ing to front man Isaac Brock.

OK GOHere It Goes Again video
Hilar­i­ous chore­og­ra­phy, OK music. I will nev­er look at a tread­mill the same again. [via Airbag]

links for 2006-07-27

Fix Key­word Assis­tant in new­er iPhoto
Thank god for this workaround — I’ve been stuck in “com­pat­i­bil­i­ty mode” since April.

Smul­tron Mac Text Editor
The “split win­dow” fea­ture looks sweet, espe­cial­ly for when you’re edit­ing both a HTML and CSS file simultaneously.

The Icon Fac­to­ry’s Ani­mat­ed “Under Con­struc­tion” Page
I’ve enjoyed watch­ing each install­ment — fun­ny stuff for web geeks.

links for 2006-07-20

“Sith Aban­don Ship” T‑Shirt”:http://www.uncrate.com/men/style/tees-polos/sith-abandon-ship-tshirt-005552.php
I’m a suck­er for these fun­ny Star Wars T‑shirts, espe­cial­ly when they’re print­ed on Amer­i­can Apparel.

…fea­tures an awe­some imag­ined scene of a Darth water res­cue. Man, is he gonna be pissed.

Fish­er-Price MP3 player”:http://www.nytimes.com/2006/07/20/technology/20player.html?ex=1154059200&en=693db4ec0769fd56&ei=5070&emc=eta1
No, we’re not talk­ing about Web 2.0 me-too design– this is an actu­al device for young chil­dren. (I can see Apple jump­ing in here with the iTot.) [[“via”:http://presley.suckahs.org]]

CoCom­ment launch­es new features”:http://www.cocomment.com/teamblog/?p=98
Final­ly, it will track com­ments from all read­ers, not mere­ly oth­er CoCom­ment mem­bers. Do your­self a favor and sign up!

links for 2006-07-19

Dvo­rak is a f*cking idiot”:http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1987181,00.asp
Hack piece on CSS, and its sup­posed defi­cien­cies… maybe John should stick to a Blogspot tem­plate, or hire some­one who under­stands the sub­ject. [[“via”:http://hicksdesign.co.uk/journal/]]

UPDATE: “John All­sop picks apart Dvo­rak’s piece”:http://westciv.typepad.com/dog_or_higher/2006/07/dvorak_and_css.html

Forbes names Buf­fa­lo a “Bohemi­an Bargain””:http://www.forbes.com/2005/10/18/cz_05life2_Bohemian_Bargains_slide_2.html?thisSpeed=30000

Don’t let Buf­falo’s rep­u­ta­tion as a frigid Lake Erie town fool you. There’s plen­ty of heat here—particularly in the arts.

Part of their “150 Cheap Places to Live”:http://www.forbes.com/2005/10/25/cheap-places-to-live_05life2_land.html series.

links for 2006-07-14

The Killer’s new song, When You Were Young
They updat­ed their web site, with the full ver­sion of the new sin­gle. Hear the Spring­steen influ­ence? The album due out in October.

Last.fm update today?
The site and ser­vice are on hold right now.

links for 2006-07-07

Awe­some mashup of your last.fm data, and Upcoming.org events in your area… it even pro­vides an ATOM feed, (though the feed does not val­i­date, and gives errors as of now). iCal­en­dar sup­port is com­ing in the future, which will keep you from ever miss­ing a good show again!

links for 2006-06-26

Bicy­cle Drift
Get that Fast & the Furi­ous Tokyo Drift action with your bike [via Yewknee]

The Cul­ture of Fugly
DxF is back, argu­ing against those who argue “bad design is good design”… I love the redesign.

Project Run­way to return on July 12
I became a fan mid­way through sea­son 2, so I can’t wait for the new crew. It’s a great real­i­ty show for cre­ative-mind­ed people.

Slate redesigns
More, more, more… and, huge-ass rollover menus.

links for 2006-06-19

2006 World Cup logoErik Spiek­er­mann trash­es the World Cup branding
All design­ers like to talk shit, but I think he’s just jeal­ous of the gig. [via]

It’s like Quick­sil­ver for Win­dows. [via]