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IDEA! Boston ‘T’ Blog

Today I was sitting at the 1369 coffeehouse in Central Sq., as I do most days of the week, reading the papers and generally absorbing the happenings… some guy in a shirt-and-tie fretting over Excel spreadsheets at his laptop on my right. Another guy on my left, copiously practicing Chinese-looking script for words like “cow”, “apartment” and “love”. Ahead of me was a man in his mid-40s sitting with his young son, who was playing Gameboy and occasionally chatting with some of the people who work there. One of these girls was taking a break with a coffee, bagel and the New York Times. I liked her Lacoste Izod polo shirt.

Anyway, I had time to sit there, in-between reading the Globe, Herald, Times and the Cambridge Tab, to think about the merits of living in a place like Cambridge. I really have a lot of love for this side of the river—be it the bars, the wacky academic types walking around, or the Red Line. It’s got such a community feeling—even for somebody like me who prefers to sit and watch rather than interact.

For some reason, I began thinking about NYCbloggers.com, a project that intended to create a geographic community of New York bloggers, based on which subway stop they lived near. I love maps, public transportation, and I couldn’t help but be in awe at the shear balls it must’ve took to tackle such a project of that scope. I thought, why not try to do that in Boston?

Now, I know there are tons of Bostonite blogs, especially given the 250,000 university students that are here. BostonBlogs.com is doing a good job of setting up social gatherings for us Boston-based blog freaks—although I can’t bring myself to attend one. Call it social phobia. Avoidance. Whatever.

Still, attempting to tackle something on the scale of nycbloggers.com would be a challenge. Christ, making the maps themselves would pose all kinds of issues. And would bloggers in Boston be interested in such a thing?

New Yorkers famously have attachments to their different subway lines—be it the F, A/C, 1/9 etc. It would be interesting to see the same kind of B-line or Red-line pride here in Boston. Once the back-end database stuff is developed, I could see branching out to other cities—Buffalo perhaps? Public Transportation needs a cheerleader!

If anyone in Boston reads this and think that it is a worthwhile endeavor, shoot me an email. Maybe it’d be a good collaboration.