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New Capndesign.com

I love Matt Jacob’s just launched redesign. Bright and fresh, with cool jquery charts, archives that mashup pho­tos and posts, and some Type­kit.

New Capndesign.com

Screen shot

Con­grats, Matt! If only things didn’t look so stale around here.

Al Shaw on Redesigning the Front Page of Talking Points Memo

On Redesign­ing the Front Page of Talk­ing Points Memo »
Al Shaw talks about some of the design con­sid­er­a­tions and tech­ni­cal wiz­ardry that went into the face lift of the Lib­er­al-lean­ing pol­i­tics blog. Be sure to watch the video demo of the ajaxy front page CMS editor.

Weighted Category Lists

After a few site tweaks ear­li­er in the week allowed me to imple­ment new cat­e­gories in this weblog, I decid­ed to add weight­ed cat­e­go­ry lists, much like Flickr & Tech­no­rati.

I mod­i­fied an exam­ple giv­en by hitormiss, which looks like this:

$min­font = 1;
$max­font = 5;
$fontu­nit = “”;
$catlinks{“<$MTCategoryLabel$>”} = “<$MTCat­e­go­r­yArchiveLink$>”;
$counts{“<$MTCategoryLabel$>”} = <$MTCat­e­go­ryCount$>;

$spread = max($counts) — min($counts); if ($spread <= 0) { $spread = 1; };
$fontspread = $max­font — $min­font;

$fontstep = $spread / $fontspread; if ($fontstep <= 0) { $fontstep = 1; };
fore­ach ($counts as $cat­name => $count)
$catlink = $catlinks{$catname};
print “<a href=\”$catlink\” title=\”$count entries\” class=\“cat”.
ROUND(($minfont + ($count/$fontstep))).”\”>$catname</a> &nbsp;\n”;

[You can also down­load it in a text file]

Put it in your Move­able Type archive tem­plate, and you’re good to go. It will write 5 CSS class­es — cat1, cat2, cat3, cat4, cat5… (of course, you’ll have to define those in your stylesheet!)

You can head over to my archives page, to check out the imple­men­ta­tion. (Notice that the 5 largest cat­e­gories are the orig­i­nal 5… i will be clas­si­fy­ing old entries in the next cou­ple of days…)

(I apol­o­gize if not all the code is view­able here — I sug­gest you high­light and copy/paste to a text edi­tor, which should work)

The limits of Push-button Publishing

Moveable TypeA while back, Jason Kot­tke began tweak­ing his site lay­out, merg­ing his “remain­der” links into the dai­ly thread of his weblog, and cre­at­ing a dif­fer­ent look for “Fea­tured” posts such as movie and book reviews.

When I last redesigned (now more than a year ago), I thought a lot about how to use MT cat­e­gories, and the impor­tance of draw­ing a visu­al dis­tinc­tion between fea­tured posts, and short­er dai­ly posts. It was nec­es­sary to weigh cer­tain types of posts as more rel­e­vant than others.

This not-so-cre­ative solu­tion was to use a styled post title & a unique icon—for music, movies, books, pho­tos, & spe­cial posts—and leave non-fea­tured posts unstyled (albeit bold­ed). Also, I try to use a small pho­to for each fea­tured post. By using PHP and some MT tem­plate code, I was able to hack some­thing together.

Jason’s method of using 5 weblogs for 5 dif­fer­ent kinds of posts seems over­ly com­pli­cat­ed and unwieldy for me, because I have oth­er blogs on our domain. But, there is a point where PHP hacks can defeat the pur­pose of using “push-but­ton publishing”.

I very much like his idea of embed­ding these remain­dered links in the chrono­log­i­cal thread of the weblog—Because these are time­ly links ref­er­enc­ing cur­rent events or memes, why not?

I always thought Anil’s method of group­ing links under a date would be almost mean­ing­less for my site—as I only post 1 or 2 items per day. My Dai­ly Book­marks have no ref­er­ence point—they are mere­ly sort­ed descend­ing by date. Once again, Jason gets me thinking…