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Macyme & Jeremy’s Wedding

almostWe were back in Buf­fa­lo a cou­ple of week­ends ago, for the wed­ding of Macyme and Jere­my – Flickr gallery.

We had a love­ly time, and I was glad to have so many old friends togeth­er at once.

But, poor lit­tle Maid of Hon­or Pres­ley got sick after giv­ing her toast at the recep­tion. We all thought she was just choked up and emo­tion­al, but it turns out that she was hold­ing back “chunks”.

Any­way, con­grats, guys!


Here is my God­son, Tom­my…


Godson, by nedward.

I was in Buf­fa­lo this past week­end to cel­e­brate my Grandma’s 100th birth­day, and got to see my cousins Mag­gie, Lau­ren, Sarah, and Emma.

Flood in Quincy

Poor Jason & Kim… all this rain that fell this week­end found its way into their base­ment.


Three Lam­bret­tas (a DL, Starstream and Cen­to), all of Jason’s clothes, tools, wash­er and dry­er, fur­ni­ture… all under water. So sad.

Pres­ley and I had both of our scoot­ers down there until Sat­ur­day after­noon, when we decid­ed to truck them down to JavaSpeed for repair– talk about dodg­ing a bul­let.

I just feel so bad for those guys. It real­ly sucks.


Mar­ci was in town for a job inter­view at Har­vard, so we took wednes­day off from work, and head­ed for the beach in Glouces­ter.

not crowded
So much less crowded on weekdays…


Having just finished Tipping Point, I dug into a couple
hundred pages of Malcolm Gladwell’s new book, Blink


…and, we enjoyed a big jug of homemade Sangria.

John Doe Mexican

I received a mes­sage from our friend Kar­la today, about what her boyfriend Steve is up to this sum­mer. He’s a pub­lic-school teacher, and is cur­rent­ly work­ing to pro­duce a doc­u­men­tary titled John Doe: Mex­i­can, on bor­der crossers in the South­west.

Sounds like an inter­est­ing project, which he will be blog­ging about:

John Doe Mex­i­can is an hour-long doc­u­men­tary that cap­tures the strug­gle to val­ue human life, even in death.

The dead have no names here. For Mex­i­can bor­der crossers, South­ern Arizona’s Sono­ran desert is an unfor­giv­ing and, all too often, mur­der­ous land­scape. John Doe Mex­i­can fol­lows a hand­ful of peo­ple who have made it their busi­ness to end these desert deaths and to name John Doe.

Kar­la said that he is look­ing for feed­back and ques­tions, so feel free to leave a com­ment on his blog.

The Work/Life Balance

My main project’s cur­rent phase is wind­ing down this week, as I deliv­ered the final eLearn­ing cours­es last night. So, now I have time to reflect and hope­ful­ly resume post­ing on a reg­u­lar basis.

Today, I took a few min­utes to go through Blog­lines, and laughed when I saw Dan Cederholm’s Cur­rent Work/Life Bal­ance dia­gram

Why do we do this to our­selves? No mat­ter how many ven­dors I off­shore to, or con­trac­tors I hire, it always seems to come down to me at my desk, and 70-hour weeks. And, that’s where the “life” part tanks.

Well, it’s time for the sum­mer to begin. I want to go camp­ing for a week or so on the Cape or Islands. I don’t see any camp­grounds on Nan­tuck­et, but we’re con­sid­er­ing Martha’s Vine­yard Fam­i­ly Camp­ground.

Any­one know of any good places on the Out­er Cape?

UPDATE: This is more how I felt…


It seems to me that mar­riage is in the air… This past week­end, Pres­ley and I were back in ances­toral Buf­fa­lo, so she could attend Macyme’s bridal show­er. Macyme and Mr. Skipants are retard­ed­ly in love, and it shows. If only they’d stop drool­ing…

And, I see that Casey and Jess tied the knot this past week­end. What a tease, only 1 pho­to.

Con­grats to both cou­ples.


Tattoo”, posted by nedward

Presley’s new tat­too, done by Cus­tom Claire, of Fat Ram’s Pump­kin Tat­too, Jamaica Plain, Mass­a­chu­setts.

8-year Anniversary

Just a note of thanks to Stef & Nobuko for rec­om­mend­ing Dali’s for our anniver­sary din­ner.

Pres­ley and I have been togeth­er now for 8 years, and I don’t think we’ve ever had a fin­er expe­ri­ence. Because of the bliz­zard, we had to delay one day, but it was worth the wait… (a cou­ple of pho­tos of us… gag!)

Tapas items that we ordered:

  • Mejil­lones con Agua­cate (Green-Lipped Mus­sels w/Avocado)
  • Que­so de Cabra Mon­taña (Baked Goat Cheese w/Tomato & Basil)
  • Gam­bas al Ajil­lo (Gar­lic Shrimp)
  • Vieiras al Azafrán (Scal­lops in Saf­fron Cream)
  • Ravi­o­les de Mariscos (Lobster/Crabmeat Ravi­o­li w/Langostino Sauce)
  • Solomil­lo en Tosta­da (Beef Ten­der­loin w/Pimento on Toast)

And, for dessert:

  • Fil­loa al Licor (Fruit-filled Dessert Crepe accent­ed with Choco­late Sauce and Orange Liquor)

Some Anniver­saries past:


brick”, posted by nedward

I love the space inside the Enor­mous Room, in Cen­tral Square — espe­cial­ly these steel lanterns (which I hit my head on…)

12 Bars of Christmas Charity Pub Crawl

We par­tic­i­pat­ed in the 12 Bars of Christ­mas Char­i­ty Pub Crawl in Boston last night, with dona­tions going to the New Eng­land Cen­ter for Chil­dren and the Boston Med­ical Chil­dren with AIDS Pro­gram.

Ned & Presley

I feel a bit guilty claim­ing this was for char­i­ty, since all we did was drink heav­i­ly, over and 8-hour day, in a pack of San­ta-hat wear­ing rev­el­ers… but, we did had a lot of fun with Jason, Kim, Casey, Jess, and the rest of the pack. Thanks to Autumn, for orga­niz­ing.

Warning ticket

warning ticket

warning ticket”, by nedward

Not a good idea, blow­ing a stop sign in your own ‘hood. Luck­i­ly, I got off with a warn­ing.

Cars are stu­pid… even Saabs.

Apple Picking

From Flickr: Guess what Presley found? No really, there weren't many apples to pick.Last sum­mer, after we were forced out of our beloved Mass Ave apart­ment, due to neg­li­gent fire, we were for­tu­nate to be tak­en in by some tru­ly great peo­ple. And these peo­ple invit­ed us to go apple pick­ing last year, some­thing I hadn’t done since I was a kid. It was the kind of thing you don’t do enough, liv­ing in the city.

This year, the crew con­sist­ed of Jason & Liz, Bryan & Jill, and Pres­ley & I. We head­ed fur­ther up the North Shore this year, to Ipswich, MA. Seemed like a love­ly town, though we spent all of our time on the farm.

How great is it that they make you take a hay ride before you can pick apples?

The Drink

I just want to point out that I am not always the drunk­ard in the fam­i­ly… Oca­sion­al­ly, the lady of the house tips a few too many back.

Thanks to J., who is doc­u­ment­ing all of this:

Okay, so I think I need to add that I didn’t actu­al­ly throw up, because I can han­dle my booze. but I was think­ing about it because I guess some­one did actu­al­ly get sick after leav­ing my house the oth­er day.

This is prob­a­bly more the excep­tion than the rule, but oh well. We’re young.


pet-pieve: I answer the tele­phone, (though it reads “unkown caller”), the voice on the oth­er end asks for some­one who does not reside here, and when I polite­ly inform them of this fact, they hang up with­out response.

And, they call back twice, with the same bad man­ners.

…no won­der I nev­er answer.

Happy Chinese New Year

4702, The year of the mon­key.

Day 3: On to Key West

After break­fast as Magrove Mike’s in Islam­ora­da, we start­ed head­ing west. We stopped briefly at the Bahia Hon­da State Park Beach for some sun and splash. I read, while Pres­ley napped.

Arriv­ing in Key West, we missed the Sun­set cel­e­bra­tion because I need­ed to find an Inter­net Cafe—my boss called me and told me that I had for­got­ten to sub­mit my timesheet, and if I would like to get paid, I had bet­ter do so. So, after the busi­ness was tak­en care of at the Sip­pin’ Cafe, we checked in the La Pen­sione Inn on Tru­man Ave. near Duvall Street. Appar­ent­ly Har­ry S spent some time here.

Head­ing out onto Duvall Street should be an adven­ture, but we found most of the restu­ar­ants and bars to be lack­ing in patrons—maybe it’s the time of the year. After walk­ing around for what seemed like hours, we set­tled on Caroline’s Cafe for din­ner, because you could sit out­side and drink Mar­gar­i­tas and Coro­nas while watch­ing rev­el­ers on the street. God, there are so many old peo­ple here!

After down­ing a few drinks with din­ner, (I had the Mahi-Mahi cooked cajun style, Pres­ley had a whole cooked chick­en, I kid you not), we decid­ed to hit a few bars. There was the Irish bar, with the vil­lage drunks (and no females), and then there was the Karaoke bar next to Crab­by Dicks, with Marie behind the bar, and Karaoke’ers belt­ing our Coun­try songs in the back. At least there were some women at this place… Pres­ley did a rous­ing ren­di­tion of Cheap Trick’s I Want You to Want Me, though I think this crowd didn’t appre­ci­ate it as much as I did.

Day 2: Key Largo, Snorkeling & Sailing

What a busy day! We got up this morn­ing, deter­mined to go snor­kel­ing. We’ve learned one thing about Key Largo—there is utter­ly noth­ing worth doing in Key Largo besides snor­kel­ing, div­ing and out­door activ­i­ties. We rent­ed a dual kayak, and pad­dled around the man­groves in the Pen­nekamp State Park .

And, at 1:30, we took a 38’ Cata­ma­ran sail­ing out to the coral reef, strapped on some fins and masks, and plunged into the 72-degree water to look at fish. Even though 72-degrees sounds like warm water, it’s bet­ter to wear a wet-suit, though it will make you look ridicu­lous. We saw these blue and yel­low zebra fish, a foot-long rain­bow look­ing fish, and some gray bar­racu­d­as who looked una­mused. Note for future ref­er­ence: bring clothes for the sail back to shore, no mat­ter what the cabana boys say in the gray shed.

Fol­low­ing the advice of our Cap­tain (what was his name?), an old for­mer hip­pie who had been sail­ing for 22 years, Pres­ley and I head­ed for Bentley’s, south to MM 83, for din­ner. As we arrived, we noticed a man and his daugh­ter that sailed with us ear­li­er in the day—apparently they took the same advice from the Cap­tain. We chat­ted at the bar with Danielle and Mr. Bern­stein from North Car­oli­na. She is a fresh­man at Vir­ginia Tech, study­ing chem­istry, which was my first major, after­all.

When we were final­ly seat­ed, we went a lit­tle over­board (pun?), and went with 1 dozen steamed clams. Pres­ley ordered a glass of Ries­ling, and the Grassy Key Lime Yel­low­tail, and I asked for a glass of Fume Blanc from Sono­ma, and the Yel­low­tail stuffed with crab meat. mmmm… This was def­i­nite­ly the place to eat, though I think Ballyhoo’s has bet­ter food, (though, in a much more casu­al atmos­phere).

Day 1, Part I: Boston to Miami Beach

It’s freez­ing! tem­per­a­ture is in the teens, and we’re late out the door to Logan. Since we live clos­est to the Green line , we decide to walk over the Charles to the B-line. But, tem­per­a­ture is in the teens! I’m wear­ing a light jean jack­et with a thick wool turtle­neck sweater, a knit hat, but no gloves! Pulling my suit­case around the rotary, and onto the bridge—it’s sooo cold. And it’s almost 7am. Our flight leaves at 8:05!

Pres­ley hands me one of her gloves (for the suit­case-car­ry­ing hand), and we both bury our bare hand in a pock­et. Speed-walk­ing down across the bridge, I start to get ner­vous on time—we’re liv­ing under Orange-alert these days and Logan isn’t the eas­i­est thing to get to with­out dri­ving…

Des­per­ate mea­sures! We call Boston Cab, and have them meet us on the Boston side of the Charles. 5 min­utes lat­er, a cab pulls up, and our dri­ver throws our suit­cas­es in the trunk. I’m glad to be out of the cold.

15 min­utes later—7:15—we’re pulling up to Ter­mi­nal C, hav­ing trav­elled south­bound in the new big dig tun­nel for the first time. The fare is $22.15, thought the dri­ver says he hit the wrong but­ton and over­charges… I give him $30—far too much, but he got us there quick, and that kind of solace is worth a 50% tip.

Just made it through secu­ri­ty to board our Song Air­lines flight to Ft. Laud­erdale. As cheery and styl­ish the new Song brand­ing is, the brand doesn’t extend well into the cab­in. Sure, the seats are leather, but they’re this odd light blue col­or, and each seat has a bright accent leather—pink, green, orange. I think that it’s sup­posed to be styl­ish, but it comes off look­ing like an air­line for the Romper Room set… very Micky Mouse. Per­haps Kate Spade hasn’t put her final touch­es on yet.

X-mas in Buffalo

Ornament on the familial X-mas tree

Ornament on the familial X-mas tree

Macy and Jeremy at Spot Coffee, Elmwood Ave.

Macy and Jeremy at Spot Coffee, Elmwood Ave

Exhibit at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Exhibit at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Con­tin­ue read­ing ‘X-mas in Buf­fa­lo’


I'm 26!I’m now twen­ty-six years old. And my girl­friend is mak­ing me cup­cakes to take to work tomor­row (today).

Isn’t that won­der­ful?

Thanksgiving Prefix

We’re await­ing com­pa­ny for the hol­i­day– Presley’s mom, mom’s boyfriend Marc, and sis­ter Kel­ly are join­ing us in a prop­er New Eng­land Thanks­giv­ing.

The pump­kin and corn breads smell won­der­ful, the turkey is still thaw­ing, and we picked out a few nice wines to go with din­ner. Ok, so maybe the Puri­tans didn’t drink French wine– or wine at all– but I’m stick­ing to the “prop­er New Eng­land Thanks­giv­ing”.

The fun­ni­est part (to me) was that our 1-month old Sears Ken­more refrig­er­a­tor died yes­ter­day– luck­i­ly we were able to shut­tle off var­i­ous bits to neigh­bors’ fridges, and get a repair­man to the apart­ment today. It’s not going to be Pieces of April (which inci­den­tal­ly is real­ly quite good, and you should go see it).

Buy Our Couch

We’re sell­ing our small couch (loveseat) — come see it this week­end, and take it off our hands.

Weekend of the Sippy Cup

Fri­day, after a long week of work and anoth­er sucess­ful deliv­ery, I met Pres­ley and Tbone at the Sun­set.

…where I knocked over a pint of Carls­berg on the table.

Sat­ur­day, I vis­it­ed Pres­ley at the din­er, and reached for the paper.

…where I knocked my iced cof­fee into my lap.

Today, Mon­day, I came to work and grabbed a bagel and cof­fee.

…and, some­how when I reached for the door­knob, I dropped the cof­fee on the floor where it went all over the place.

Response from Pres­ley:

ooooo baby. you need a sip­py cup…

Fire Sale, Part I

Well, it turns out that we own too much stuff… so we’re try­ing to sell off some fur­ni­ture in our Fire Sale.

Pic­tures are post­ed tem­porar­i­ly…