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HP All-in-Ones with Airport Express

I neglect­ed to men­tion in my post about installing the Air­port Express with a 3rd-Par­ty router, (a Net­gear WGR614, in my case), that I still couldn’t print wire­less­ly with the device. My HP PSC-750 All-in-One isn’t sup­port­ed… it makes sense that you wouldn’t be able to scan wire­less­ly, but why couldn’t I print?

Well, after a few more hours of search­ing, I final­ly found a solu­tion, cour­tesy William Bod­die in the Apple discussions:

When queried for a print­er, I select­ed “edit print­er list” from the scroll down menu, clicked on “add” under the print­er set­up util­i­ty-> went to IP Print­er -> Print­er type “Ren­dezvous” -> Print­er Address scrolled to “HP PSC 900 series” -> Print­er Mod­el “HP” ->mod­el “HP PSC 950 Foot­mat­ic” -> press “add.”

It worked, how­ev­er the AX is eas­i­ly the most frus­trat­ing Apple prod­uct I’ve encoun­tered… let’s hope that HP’s part­ner­ship with Apple to co-brand an HP iPod, will spurn HP to write bet­ter OS X print­er dri­vers. My land­lord is an archi­tect, and he’s mad that his $2500 plot­ter was ren­dered use­less with his upgrade to 10.3…

UPDATE I neglect­ed to men­tion that I am not using the bloat­ed and shod­dy dri­vers pro­vid­ed by HP.

I would instead rec­om­mend the HPIJS Open-source dri­vers. These dri­vers allows print­ing “over any avail­able con­nec­tion such as USB, AppleTalk, TCP/IP (via LPD and IPP), HP Jet­Di­rect, and shared win­dows print­ers via SAMBA”. And, you don’t have to install the use­less extra HP appli­ca­tions, which are includ­ed with the dri­ver package.