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Pool for Sale

The pool of my child­hood is for sale. My, how things fall apart!

MUJI & CB2 in Soho

MUJI opening

MUJI opened in Soho yes­ter­day, and if the crowds were any indi­ca­tion, peo­ple are excit­ed. The shop has a nice mix of nice­ly designed inex­pen­sive clothes and house­wares. maxwell­gilling­ham­ryan has a video tour on vimeo.

More pho­tos of MUJI, and the new CB2 store next door, after the jump. [from iPhone]

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Crashing an Open House


A new Robert Scarano “luxury” condo building at 326 State Street, in Boerum Hill.

A week or two ago, I walked past a new Robert Scara­no “lux­u­ry” con­do build­ing at 326 State Street, in the north­ern reach­es of Boerum Hill. This past Sat­ur­day, Tyler and Sarah were down from Boston for a vis­it, and we walked by again – and they were hav­ing an Open House. Why not have a look? [from iPhone]

More below the fold.

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New Brain Bucket

shoei rf1000 matte-black I decid­ed to splurge a lit­tle on myself this week­end, and buy a new hel­met for scootin’ — a Shoei RF-1000 in mat­te-black.

My orig­i­nal hel­met was a Kore­an HJC CL Max, with a flip-up chin bar — but it nev­er quite fit me right, and it looked mild­ly retard­ed, all shiny and bubbly.

Shoei’s designs are much more stream­lined and fit­ted. I love the mat­te black — first my RAZR, next this hel­met… the only thing left for me to buy is a Darth Book.

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West Elm in the Fenway

West Elm in Boston!Appar­ent­ly, West Elm is com­ing to the Fen­way, in the new Trin­i­ty mixed-use com­plex under con­struc­tion between Boyl­ston & Brook­line Aves.

Our house is all IKEA, but if you have a bit more mon­ey to throw around, West Elm has some nice stuff.

Copyrights Pressure

The New York Times dis­cov­ered every­body’s favorite cut-rate Russ­ian MP3 site… allofmp3.com. And appar­ent­ly, the Moscow-based busi­ness is hold­ing up Rus­si­a’s appli­ca­tion to the WTO, (nev­er­mind that it’s a total­ly legal ser­vice inside Russia).

In oth­er news, I found this BBC head­line humor­ous: Web­site back after Swedish raids — almost con­jures up visions of Viking mau­raders… any­way, The Pirate Bay is up, and the Swedes are start­ing to take to the streets. Stay tuned…


closedAfter knock­ing over a cup of wine onto my Siemens s66, I knew the LCD screen would nev­er be the same. So, after scour­ing eBay and Craigslist, I decid­ed to get the RAZR v3 Black.

Every­one kept telling me that the Motoro­la UI is hor­ri­ble, but I find it sim­ple and intu­itive com­pared to the mess that is Siemens.

The cam­era size (VGA) seems like a step down from the Siemen’s 1.3 MP, but I think the qual­i­ty will be bet­ter. The lens is eas­i­er to clean, and the RAZR seems to adjust to changes in light bet­ter. But, I can’t fig­ure out why there is no one-touch access to the Camera.

And, though the phone can’t sync to my Power­book wire­less­ly with Blue­tooth & iSync, the phone has a mini-USB port. (Cin­gu­lar does­n’t give you the cable, but luck­i­ly my Canon Elph did!) I was able to trans­fer home-made ring­tones and wall­pa­per via Blue­tooth, though.

Last­ly, you can’t beat the look and feel of the RAZR. Alu­minum just feels smooth and cool in your hand, but I decid­ed to get the black mod­el because it seemed a bit less showy.

So far, so good!

Damn Sirius

Sirius Sportster ReplayWell, it’s going on damn near a week since I final­ly ordered my Sir­ius radio, direct­ly from their online shop, and I still haven’t heard boo. My order sta­tus has been set to “checked-out” since last Fri­day, but I’ve received no ship­ping confirmation.

I decid­ed to order direct­ly from Sir­ius because every retail out­let that I checked were sold out the day after Christ­mas… I guess a lot of us didn’t get what we want­ed under the tree, (I’m look­ing at you, mom).

And, I’m con­vinced their cus­tomer ser­vice rep­re­sen­ta­tives’ job is to bla­tant­ly lie to their cus­tomers, in order to cov­er up defi­cien­cies in order ful­fill­ment. When I called up the hot­line, the man on the oth­er end couldn’t tell me any­thing more than the web site could, how­ev­er he added that I would “prob­a­bly get the ship­ping con­fir­ma­tion in a day or two”… when I asked him how he knew this, he replied that it usu­al­ly takes 4–5 days to ship. Nev­er­mind that Howard Stern is going on-air next mon­day! (I sus­pect that they are back-ordered.)

Of course, con­sid­er­ing that every retail out­let (both online and tra­di­tion­al) are sold out of this mod­el, I’m not cross­ing my fin­gers. Good thing I paid extra for Overnight shipping!


The Boston Foun­da­tion has just put out a Greater Boston Hous­ing Report Card [PDF], and drew some ridicu­lous con­clu­sions. John A Kei­th of the Boston Real Estate Blog explains [via]:

From the report:

Fenway/Kenmore neigh­bor­hood

2004 esti­mat­ed renter income: $24,132
2004 esti­mat­ed month­ly rent: $1,498
% of medi­an income need­ed to pay rent in 2004: 74%


Why not?

1) ear­li­er in their report, the authors esti­mate rents on two-bed­room apart­ments through­out the city. They esti­mate a two-bed­room apart­ment in the Fen­way would cost $1,498 per month. A two-bed­room apart­ment. Would one per­son, mak­ing $24,132, rent a two-bed­room apart­ment? Why would they? If they did rent a two-bed­room apart­ment, they’d have a room­mate, there­by reduc­ing their share of the month­ly rate to $749. Rent would there­fore require only 37% of their gross income.

He goes on to ques­tion anoth­er aspect of their method­ol­o­gy — using the adver­tised rental rates, which are often high­er than what a land­lord can get. It’s an inter­est­ing dis­cus­sion, because there is obvi­ous­ly a dimin­ish­ing pool of “afford­able” hous­ing in Boston. The medi­an home price in our fair city of Cam­bridge is well over $600,000…

It always sur­pris­es me, the care­less­ness with which peo­ple use sta­tis­tics. No where is this more true than in the edu­ca­tion reform debate. For instance, when politi­cians say, “Half of our kids read below their grade lev­el”. This kind of state­ment is used to pro­voke anx­i­ety, and to jus­ti­fy rais­ing (sic) stan­dard­ized test requirements.

What they don’t choose to explain, (or under­stand for that mat­ter), is that this is pre­cise­ly the def­i­n­i­tion of grade lev­el — 50% above the line, 50% below. That’s how you set a grade lev­el, for god’s sake.

I cringe every­time I hear sta­tis­tics being manip­u­lat­ed like this.

iTrip LCD

I’ve had the iTrip LCD for a cou­ple of weeks now, and I am very frus­trat­ed with it. I’ve used the reg­u­lar iTrip for a cou­ple of years, and it per­fomed about as well as can be expect­ed from an FM transmitter.

How­ev­er, when I recent­ly broke it, (the con­nec­tor some­how bent and detached, caus­ing some wires to dis­con­nect), I decid­ed to buy a new one. When I saw the LCD ver­sion, I ordered this instead.

My set­up in my car is exact­ly as it was with the orig­i­nal iTrip, (2000 Saab 9–3, 3rd-Gen iPod, with flat EQ and broad­cast to 88.7), but the result is sim­ply mad­den­ing.

With the old iTrip, the iPod vol­ume was set to about 90%, and caused very lit­tle dis­tor­tion. But, with the new iTrip LCD, the sound is heav­i­ly dis­tort­ed at 90% vol­ume, and the unit auto­mat­i­cal­ly reduces the vol­ume to about 50–60% for most music. This of course ampli­fies the sta­t­ic and back­ground noise. To make mat­ters worse, even then the music is still dis­tort­ed. DX-mode makes only a mar­gin­al difference.

I hate to rain on the parade, but I had the old one, and it worked fine. I sub­mit­ted a help tick­et to Grif­fin 12 hours ago, and have yet to receive a response… per­haps their ser­vice techs are busy draft­ing the pro­duc­t’s sup­port web site?


Not to be out­done by Apple yes­ter­day, I saw that Sony is once again rethink­ing it’s Walk­man brand.

I admit that the design is far more com­pelling than Sony’s pre­vi­ous offer­ings, but a monocra­mat­ic, low-res screen? C’mon Sony!


Peepers”, posted by nedward

I was brows­ing around the Goril­laz site today, kind of look­ing for­ward to the new record, and I stum­bled across a link to a Birm­ing­ham UK art col­lec­tive, Beat13. I real­ly liked the illus­tra­tions done by Lucy Mclauch­lan, so I ordered a screen­print… only £53.00, lim­it­ed edi­tion of 200.

New Apple Display

apple.com”, posted by nedward

Christ­mas & my Birth­day, with­in 3 days of each oth­er… Put them togeth­er, and you get a new Apple 20″ Cin­e­ma Dis­play.

Every­thing looks more beau­ti­ful tonight.

J. Crew iPod case

jcrew-ipod.jpgA friend at work came in today with a rather inter­est­ing iPod case — one that she got from J. Crew.

Avail­able for $29.99, in yup­pie-rif­ic blue, green and pink.

Here is the description:

Made from the same pure Ital­ian silk as our ties. With leather. Clear vinyl screen cov­er; remov­able neo­prene-lined flap for extra pro­tec­tion. Leather-cov­ered met­al belt clip.

This strikes me as odd, since J. Crew is hard­ly in the busi­ness of craft­ing leather cas­es for con­sumer elec­tron­ics. But, per­haps it just illus­trates what a cul­tur­al icon the iPod has become.

Garage Sale

Pres­ley and I are hav­ing an online Garage Sale. We’ve dropped post­ings on Craigslist, and we’re going to tell every­one we know, “come buy our unwant­ed stuff”.

I’ve got a Pow­er­mac G4, 25” TV, DVD Play­er, and oth­er good­ies for sale. If you’re in the Boston/Cambridge/Eastern New Eng­land region, take a look!

Email ques­tions to garagesale@suckahs.org. And, please feel free to make us an offer.

Furniture Wishlist

West ElmSome­one at work had a West Elm cat­a­log, a fur­ni­ture store in Brook­lyn… and they’ve got real­ly ter­rif­ic stuff. Pret­ty com­pa­ra­ble to IKEA in style and qual­i­ty, but it has more of a Japan­ese mod­ern feel to it.

I think Pres­ley and I should buy a wood head­board for our bed. It’d give her some­thing for her to hang onto…

Phone Madness

When I switched to AT&T Wire­less last year, I glad­ly took the free Nokia 3360. It was sim­ple, styl­ish, and free.

It did basic text mes­sag­ing, but no inter­net brows­ing… And, com­pared to all these fan­cy col­or phones with cam­eras, it’s pret­ty stodgy.

I real­ly want some­thing like the Nokia Com­mu­ni­ca­tor, but it’s not avail­able any­where, and it’s $500. So, why not a T‑Mobile Side­kick? Seems pret­ty cool, straight for­ward, and sim­ple. I could text mes­sage, chat, write email, and check my fan­ta­sy base­ball any­where. One prob­lem– it’s T‑Mobile.

Today, I saw that AT&T Wire­less was run­ning a sale on the new Nokia 3650… a wierd look­ing bub­bly-brick of a phone. It has a cam­era, but no key­board. Is it worth getting?

buy some new things, in

buy some new things, in a tru­ly fun space. might remind us of phoenix-pop’s design…