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Blizzard of 2005

Brookline Ave

I just came in from shoveling the driveway of our next door neighbor, where he kindly let me park the 9-3… more than two feet of snow, blizzard conditions, and very cold temperatures—reminds me of the Buffalo blizzards of my youth…

Everything is closed, and I’m waiting to hear if I have to go in to work tomorrow morning… in the meantime, i put some photos on “Flickr”:.


First Snow in Boston

“First Snow”, by presley

Is it just me, or is it not supposed to snow like this before Thanksgiving?

UPDATE: I’ve been fiddling around with Flickr’s Blog functionality, trying to find a good template that works. This one was inspired by Matt Haughey’s solution, which uses some inline styling to crop the photo.

I like this solution not only because it is visually attractive, but also because it loads the image in the background, hopefully reducing the initial page load time. Of course, I don’t have a dial-up connection to test this, but theoretically, it makes sense.

Now, if only they would add category support for their Blog widget…

First (real) Snow

Hastings Square, Cambridge

We in the northeast are getting our first snow storm of the year.

After venturing down to Quincy tonight, it was nice to find out that my Saab is actually quite good in the snow. We were back in Cambridge in one piece before the snow really started piling up.

It’ll be a nice weekend to curl up with a bottle of wine, a good book, & someone you love.

UPDATE: Snowsteria! (requires Quicktime)