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Ladytron @ Terminal 5


Ladytron per­form­ing at Ter­mi­nal 5.

I’ve been known to make some blan­ket pro­nounce­ments over the years – such as, “I don’t like cover bands,” only to be proven wrong later. What I dis­cov­ered was that I quite loved cover bands when they play music that I like, as opposed to the baby boomer prog rock and frat boy dri­vel that you usu­ally hear.

Apply the same les­son to light shows… fancy lights at rock shows always seemed ridicu­lous to me; a stoner cliché. Ahh, but fancy light shows accom­pa­ny­ing music that I love? That’s awesome!

Ladytron is one such band. As good as many of their records are, their live shows are some­thing bor­der­ing on the tran­scen­dent. Now, I real­ize that it is noth­ing new for elec­tronic bands to have light shows synced to the music, but what is impres­sive to me about them is their seri­ous­ness about play­ing real instru­ments, live, in the room. It brings a lot more energy to the show.

But, it has me won­der­ing… how do they sync the lights so per­fectly? It’s almost like there is a com­puter with a line-in feed, pro­cess­ing every­thing as it’s played.

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