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saw the flickerstick video on

saw the flick­er­stick video on VH1 (pro­duced as part of their bands on the run prize).

there is a great animation

there is a great ani­ma­tion for the quiz show ‘You Don’t Know Jack” on its ABC web­site. (PEEWEE!)


I can’t say that the Oscars were all that bad… Steve Mar­t­in’s put­downs were sharp, wit­ty and deliv­ered with such class– i’m glad to see that that over-caf­feinat­ed dog Bil­ly Crys­tal did­n’t decide to do it this year. Next year.… Conan? Chris Rock? Reg­is?


VMA VMA VMA VMA. is there a rea­son to watch? we were teased, but it turns out that 2 of the wayans are hosting.