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Obama is RESTful

Corey Ehmke wrote up a funny com­par­i­son of the tech­nolo­gies used by the Obama and McCain cam­paigns on their web­sites. His con­clu­sion? Obama is REST­ful.

24 ways: Transparent PNGs in IE 6

Glad to see 24 ways is back, for some hol­i­day (web dev) cheer! Look for a new arti­cle every day until Xmas:

When I find some time, I’ll look into mak­ing this site a lit­tle more con­sis­tent in IE6. They’ve also got a nice archive, from pre­vi­ous hol­i­day sea­sons.

A New Nedward.org

Today, I’m launch­ing ver­sion 6 of nedward.org, a typo­graph­i­cal grid-based lay­out, with heavy use of Hel­vetica Neue. This site has always used a sim­i­lar shade of green, so I wanted to main­tain that bit of con­sis­tency with the past, while intro­duc­ing some­thing very dif­fer­ent. I also wanted to bring together my con­tent from twit­ter, flickr, del.icio.us, and last.fm, while keep­ing it dis­tinct from the weblog con­tent – yea, I’ve gone back on my post is a post comments.

The last major revi­sion of this site was launched on May 1 2005, but even that was some­what of a realign­ment of the pre­vi­ous design, which dated back to 2001. I’m a big pro­po­nent of Cameron Moll’s realign not redesign rule – so I spent the past few years tin­ker­ing away, refin­ing the same basic layout.

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