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Happy Christmas!


24 ways: Transparent PNGs in IE 6

Glad to see 24 ways is back, for some hol­i­day (web dev) cheer! Look for a new arti­cle every day until Xmas:

When I find some time, I’ll look into mak­ing this site a lit­tle more con­sis­tent in IE6. They’ve also got a nice archive, from pre­vi­ous hol­i­day sea­sons.

Damn Sirius

Sirius Sportster ReplayWell, it’s going on damn near a week since I final­ly ordered my Sir­ius radio, direct­ly from their online shop, and I still haven’t heard boo. My order sta­tus has been set to “checked-out” since last Fri­day, but I’ve received no ship­ping confirmation.

I decid­ed to order direct­ly from Sir­ius because every retail out­let that I checked were sold out the day after Christ­mas… I guess a lot of us didn’t get what we want­ed under the tree, (I’m look­ing at you, mom).

And, I’m con­vinced their cus­tomer ser­vice rep­re­sen­ta­tives’ job is to bla­tant­ly lie to their cus­tomers, in order to cov­er up defi­cien­cies in order ful­fill­ment. When I called up the hot­line, the man on the oth­er end couldn’t tell me any­thing more than the web site could, how­ev­er he added that I would “prob­a­bly get the ship­ping con­fir­ma­tion in a day or two”… when I asked him how he knew this, he replied that it usu­al­ly takes 4–5 days to ship. Nev­er­mind that Howard Stern is going on-air next mon­day! (I sus­pect that they are back-ordered.)

Of course, con­sid­er­ing that every retail out­let (both online and tra­di­tion­al) are sold out of this mod­el, I’m not cross­ing my fin­gers. Good thing I paid extra for Overnight shipping!

Google Kwanzaa

google kwanzaaHap­py Hol­i­days, from Google. If you search for cer­tain end-of-the year hol­i­days, you get fes­tive bor­ders on the Google results page, (look between the results and text ads)

Are there more?

New Apple Display

apple.com”, posted by nedward

Christ­mas & my Birth­day, with­in 3 days of each oth­er… Put them togeth­er, and you get a new Apple 20″ Cin­e­ma Dis­play.

Every­thing looks more beau­ti­ful tonight.

12 Bars of Christmas Charity Pub Crawl

We par­tic­i­pat­ed in the 12 Bars of Christ­mas Char­i­ty Pub Crawl in Boston last night, with dona­tions going to the New Eng­land Cen­ter for Chil­dren and the Boston Med­ical Chil­dren with AIDS Pro­gram.

Ned & Presley

I feel a bit guilty claim­ing this was for char­i­ty, since all we did was drink heav­i­ly, over and 8‑hour day, in a pack of San­ta-hat wear­ing rev­el­ers… but, we did had a lot of fun with Jason, Kim, Casey, Jess, and the rest of the pack. Thanks to Autumn, for organizing.

X‑mas in Buffalo

Ornament on the familial X-mas tree

Ornament on the familial X‑mas tree

Macy and Jeremy at Spot Coffee, Elmwood Ave.

Macy and Jeremy at Spot Coffee, Elmwood Ave

Exhibit at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Exhibit at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

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David Sedaris’s One-Man Christmas Comedy Show

david sedaris, a reg­u­lar con­trib­u­tor to NPR, is doing a run of his one-man christ­mas com­e­dy show in boston:

Sedaris began work in Decem­ber of 1992 as one of Santa’s elves in the Man­hat­tan Macy’s “San­ta­Land” depart­ment. After observ­ing fisticuffs between moth­ers in line with their ram­bunc­tious prog­e­ny await­ing their turn to sit in the lap of a lech­er­ous, drunk­en San­ta, Sedaris penned the “San­ta­Land Diaries.”